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IBM full form? International Business Machines
Head of IMF?
Wi-Fi full form? Wireless Fidelity
CTBT full form?
I had privilege —- knowing him intimately. of for with
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died in? 1898
Heads of Zakat? 8
Warsak dam is built on which river? Kabul
Baglihar dam is on which Indian River? Chenab
Last king of Afghanistan? Mohammed Zahir Shah
PM of UK after brexit?Theasra May
Largest Coral reef? Australia
PM after Liaquat Ali Khan? Khawaja Nazim ud din
Pakistan’s first ambassador to US? A.H Isfahani
Quaid-e-Azam solar park? Bahawalpur
Ringgit is currency of? Malaysia
Capital of Germany? Berlin
Country called “Pearl of Antilles? Cuba
Abdul Qadir Jillani is buried in? Baghdad
Bullay Shah is known for?Poetry
Tolstoy is of which country?Russia
Plato is Aristotle’s? Teacher
Justice Javaid Iqbal is chairman of? National Accountability Bureau
What was established after Bretton woods conference? ADB ICJ INTERPOL
When international hockey federation was established?1924
Members of constituent assembly increased from 69 to?79
Permanent members of security council?5
Total members of Security council?15
Vitamin C is found in? Oranges
Ring of fire is attributed to? Pacific ocean

10 people shake hands in a party with each other once. Number of total handshakes?45
Average of 7 numbers is 40.what is sum?280
Which number is multiplied by itself to get 422500? 650
If company gets profit of 25% in first year. Then loss of 20% in second year. What is the percentage of gain or loss of the capital?0%

Shortcut key Ctrl +K is used for? To insert hiperlink
Shortcut key to align text in center? Ctrl+E
Alignment used in newspapers and novels? justified
User can manage account? Settings Control panel
‘Add or Remove program’s is a? Utility program file manager productivity software
MS power point is example of? Graphics software entertainment software multimedia software
Which feature make excel distinct? Perform calculations on data
What can add image, create image, etc? Multimedia software graphics software
OS stands for in computer? Operating system
Instructions that tell computer what to do? Software
Larry page is co founder of? Google
Creator of Linux operating system? Linus Torvalds
Commonly used method to access internet? Broadband with coaxial cable Wi-Fi Fiber optics or copper wires
خوش و خرم میں آنے والا واؤ کیا کہلاتا ہے؟ واؤ عطفی
جنگ اخبار میں روزن دیوار کے کالم نگار کا کیا نام ہے؟ عطاء الحق قاسمی
کلاسیکی شاعری اور جدید شاعری کا سنگم کس شاعر کو کہتے ہیں؟

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