CSS MCQs with answers pdf

Here, you will find Past papers of current affairs CSS MCQs with answers with pdf.

 CSS MCQs with answers pdf
CSS MCQs with answers pdf

CSS MCQs with answers pdf 1988

1.1988 noble peace prize has been awarded to:
a.Diego Cordovez
b.Anwar Sadat
c.United Nations
2.Dan Quayle is:
a.Mexican footballer
b.American Politician
c.Prime Minister of Brazil
3.Gen. Augusto Pinochet is:
a.Leader of Contrast in Nicaragua
b.Military Dictator of el-Salvador
c.President of Chile
4.Robert Mugabe is:
a.President of Zimbabwe
b.President of Kenya
c.Prime Minister of Angola
5.Sakharov is:
a.Anti-Soviet Polish Leader
b.Secretary General of the Hungarian Communist Party
c.Soviet Nuclear Scientist
6.The last day of the Quaid-e-Azam was written by:
a.M. A. H. Isphani
b.Fatima Jinnah
c.Col. Illahi Bukhsh (probably, iam not sure)
7.The new Olympic Champion in Hockey is:
b.West Germany
c.England (during the year 1988)
8.The process of European integration is scheduled to be completed by:
(Do you have any idea about that? Wild guess is option c)
9.The Bofors Scandal occurred in:

10.The Black Sea and the Mediterranean are connected by:
a.Shattal Arab
c.Strait of Gibraltar