CSS Islamiat (Islamic Study) paper 2020 Quiz

Here, you can take a quiz in the past paper of Islamiat CSS paper 2020.

Quiz Instructions:

  • Same as CSS Paper, there are 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to solve in 20 minutes for each CSS MCQ test.
  • Every time you start the test, the question number and the answer to the questions will change randomly.
  • Practice each quiz test many times until you get a 90% score(i.e 18 MCQs correct). Share with us if you get.
  • At the End of the Test, you will see CORRECT answers and your Test Score, Percentage and Rating etc.
  • After finishing your Test you will get all the Correct answers and explanation of ALL difficult MCQs too.
  • Please note that for this QUIZ, ALL questions are taken from FPSC Islamic studies css paper 2020 MCQs paper. As the original paper is impossible due to FPSC Syllabus and its policies but our team members have appeared in CE-2020 to bring this impossible task for you.
  • If you find any error and you sure that the given answer is or explanation is NOT correct. Comment in the box below with the authentic source.
  • Must share your score in the comment box below with us if you get more than 80% Score:)


Take a Quiz in CSS Islamiat paper 2020 MCQs Paper Now!

[mtouchquiz 7]

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  1. Abdullah

    It is very good site, very welldone, good work, i will recommend other fallows If u give me permission.is there Mcq of pms papers are available?

    1. Farhan khan

      Thank you for your compliment.
      Yeah, it will be added when all CSS Compulsory and Optional Subjects Mcqs are done.
      Please share it with your other colleagues.

  2. Saifulhanan mn2khl

    Thanks for yr authentic source availability

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