CSS MCQs Compulsory Subjects

Central Superior Services (CSS) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) plays a vital role in CSS Exam. Overall, all the compulsory subjects MCQs make a total of 100 marks because the English Essay paper doesn’t contain the MCQs portion where only 1 mark decide the future of the aspirants. This little margin of marks let you in or out of your desired groups during CSS Exam allocation. Therefore, it becomes the need of the hour to work on the MCQs portion of the CSS Exam.

To fulfil this area, our Website for CSS MCQs is made to serve you.  CSSMCQ is the biggest platform in Pakistan where we put, collect, organise MCQs and arrange different Online Quizzes in various categories of MCQs asked in different entry tests and exams for Jobs and Admissions these days.
However, Our Main focus is on the MCQs of CSS, PMS and Other Competitive Exams.

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CSSMCQs Compulsory Subjects

CSS MCQs Compulsory Subjects

There are six compulsory subjects in CSS Exam. Except for English Essay paper, all of the other subjects have 20 marks dedicated to MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). If one worked hard he might get easily 15+ marks out of 20 total marks. Therefore, one should NOT ignore the MCQ portion of CSS Exam. In this page, you can find all the compulsory subject sections of CSS and PMS Exam.


CSS MCQ of Compulsory subjects are given as below

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