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Here, you will have Oceans and Seas General Knowledge MCQs. These Oceans and Seas GK MCQs are given with a pdf download at the end. These General Knowledge MCQ of Ocean and Seas questions and answers with solutions are equally important for competitive exams of Pakistan. These are helpful For Nts Test, Ppsc Test, Fpsc Test, Bpsc Test, Spsc Test, Kpkpsc Test and Ajkpsc Test preparation.

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

General Knowledge MCQs for Oceans and Seas

  1. The largest ocean is the pacific, then the Atlantic, Indian and then the Arctic.
  2. The largest sea is the South China Sea, then the Caribbean Sea, then the Mediterranean sea, Behring Sea Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Japan, Hudson Bay, East China Sea, Andaman Sea, then Black sea then Red sea and in the last Baltic sea.
  3. The sea of Japan is famous for its fishing area.
  4. Total seas are 12.
  5. Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. Diego Garcia is in the Indian Ocean.
  7. The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is Sunda Trench.
  8. The Caspian Sea is located in Iraq-Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan & Russia.
  9. The Caspian Sea is the largest saltwater lake in the world.
  10. Caspian Sea water is shared by Iran, Russia & Azerbaijan.
  11. Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea- Black Sea
  12. What sea is directly north of Poland- Baltic sea
  13. The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean.
  14. Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
  15. The waters of Caspian Sea are shared by Russia, Iran & Azerbaijan.
  16. What is the worlds largest sea (in area): South China
  17. The Aral Sea is in Central Asia (Kazakhstan). Aral is an inland sea.
  18. What is the world’s warmest sea- The Red Sea
  19. The Aegean Sea is located in Atlantic Ocean.
  20. The Sargasso Sea is without a coastline.
  21. Which of the following cause ocean currents? Permanent winds
  22. Nether land’s land is below sea level.
  23. The Atlantic Ocean is called the “Herring Pond”.

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