English Essay CSS Syllabus 2021


MARKS: 100


CSS SYLLABUS for English Essay paper 2021

Candidates will be required to write one or more Essay in English. A wide choice of topics will be given. Candidates are expected to reflect comprehensive and research based knowledge on a selected topic. Candidate’s articulation, expression and technical treatment of the style of English Essay writing will be examined

Best book for CSS English Essay

Many new aspirants always the same question that

What is the best book for CSS English Essay?

The answer of this very simple question is that there is no book for CSS and PMS English Essay paper. English Essay is the subject in CSS exam that requires no proper book because of the questions’ nature in the exam. The questions asked are often very unique in nature and latest from the contemporary world. Where no book can fulfill the demands of the English Essay of CSS exam. The answers of such questions are produced at the spot.

What should be followed for CSS English Essay paper?

Daily reading of English newspaper especially its editorials and opinions section and studying thoroughly all the optional subjects can be helpful and followed for CSS English Essay paper.

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