When Google was founded?

A. Sept 4, 1998

B. Mar 6, 1998
C. Jan 14, 1998
D. Aug 20, 1998


The origin of Classical Theory dates back to which of the following years?

A. 1676

B. 1764

C. 1876

D. 1976 (more…)

Arnis, a type of martial arts, is originated from which country?

A. Philippines
B. Japan
C. Brazil
D. Malaysia (more…)

The capital of Argentina is __________?

A. Buenos Aires

B. Munich

C. Tehran

D. Juneau (more…)

Cell death due to tissue damage is called ….

A. Cancer

B. Apoptosis

C. Necrosis

D. Metastasis


Nucleus was discovered by …..

A. Waldeyer

B. T.H. Morgan

C. Robert Brown

D. Kohler


Potato plastids, which store starch, are known as

A. Paramyium

B. Amyloplasts

C. Leucoplast

D. Glycoplats


Polysaccharide cellulose is the building material of ….

A. Primary cell wall

B. Secondary cell wall

C. Middle lamella

D. Plasma membrane


Phagocytosis, pinocytosis and autophagy are the functions of ….

A. Golgi apparatus

B. Lysosomes

C. Peroxisomes

D. Glyoxisomes