ETEA CT-IT and SST IT Test Past Paper MCQs

Here, you will have ETEA CT-IT and SST IT Test Past Paper MCQs conducted today 06-03-2022. These CT IT Test Past Paper MCQs were shared by members. If you have taken this test, please share the other questions in the comment box below


Q1: Which operating system is a multitasking system that is designed to give immediate response to an event Real-time
Q2. Which technology is used to design and manufacture products in manufacturing industry? CAD/CAM
Q3. Vacuum tubes were used in which generation? First generation
Q4. In which of the following transmission impairment the signal changes its shape and form? Distortion
Q5. ISDN stand for…Integrated Services Didital Network
Q6. CDMA stand for ….Code Division Multiple Access
Q7. PIN stand for…Personal Identification Number
Q8. Which symbol is used for decision in Flowchart..Diamond
Q9. Java applets are developed in which language?Java language
Q10. Which of the following is a compiler directive?#include
Q 11. C was developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in …….1972
Q 12 The operating system UNIX was written in ….. C language
Q 13.Figurative device in which one thing is compared to another unlike thing is called: semili
Q.14.Air Brush tool creates ……… Pattern
Q 15 Physical addressing is done in data link Layer
Q 17 NIC stand for Network Interface card
Q 18 PDA personal digital assistant
Q 19.PIN personal Identification number
Q 20. tool used for graphics designing or drawing are_____ paint
Q 21.before writing algorithm which time of diagram is drawn _______ flowchart
Q 22. first step of writing curriculum is____________
Q 23 CPU have the following parts correct answer is all of the above
Q 24 kanaugh map is made of the______________
Q 25 while writing a program which is used a:codes,symbol,text or all of the above
Q 26 _________ is the directories of compiler
Q 27 In 1956 constituation ____________ langauge is approved es tarah ka kuch tha
Q 28 In 1930 allama iqbal wala question tha
Q 29 for DSL which type of device is need es tarah ka kuch tha correct answer modem tha
Q 30 Which of the following is an example of PAN?Bluetooth
Q 31 which loop is used when the number of repetitions is unknown
Q 32 1byte equal to______
Q 33 The data inside in computer always in the form of_________
Q.34 An hardware devices are attached directly or indirectly to (cpu, wires, mother board, keyboard)
Q.35 The software in computer which is responsible to start and control functionality of computer is called (window,os, booting , none)
Q36 legitimate synonym
Q 37 Muslim league session was held at Allahabad in (1913,1935,1930)
Q 38 Fatma RA kis sahabi ki biwi thi?
Q 39 Ahadees ki roo sy Afzal ibadat konsi hai ?
Q.40 Esmi Jin ki aqsam ?
Q.41 << operator name wala ta correct answer cout tha
Q42. MAN distance 5 to 50
Q43.VDU stand for
Q44. assembly language is one step higher than:
Q45. Assessment is ……… In nature Qualitative
Q46.There are _______ types of networks
Q47.Benezir government is an 1988
Q48 which loop is used when the number of repetitions is Known
Q49 Aprocess in which numbers are assigned to a person performance is called Evalvation
Q50__________ operator tells the computer to covert the data type of a value is cast operator
Q51 sufficient antonym is inadequate
Q52 A type of evaluation conducted prior to instruction to establish a baseline from …………..
Q53 folders are like _____in which you can place files/folders
Q54 the selection tools are used to crop/cut an area from a shape or a/an __________
Q55Which of the following modules is not a part of C programming Converter
Q56 refers to the rules of a programming languages according to which statement of a program are written Syntax
Q57__________describe meaning to statement of programming language Semantic
Q58.A set of ____used to write a computer program
Q59 the data is transfered from one place to another through .transmission media


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