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HAPPY Independence Day to the Prisoners of BOOKS and Victims of Insomnia. You know, you are the bravest person having the strongest nerves who overcame their fears of failure and confront the Pressure of CE-2022 head-on. Many people didn’t appear in CSS Exam 2022, not because they were partially prepared but because they did not manage to handle the pressure on time knowing the fact that they prepared for it for the past entire year. They did not believe in themselves, in short.
It is guaranteed that in the next year they would have the same issues or perhaps more than that. CSS is such an exam; where the topper of tomorrow is afraid of his failure today, where the topper of last year cannot be assured of his success in his next attempt. Every year many CSPs appear in CSS Exam for promotion to the upper level or to their favourite groups but you know it has been observed that how they didn’t meet what they are meant to be. No doubt, hard work is the key to success in CSS Exam but if luck isn’t there with you, believe me, you won’t make it ever. In brief, you have done what you could do, now leave the rest to fate! If it is meant to be, it will be or NEVER.

So, please share your journey with us by sharing the answers to the following questions below

Feedback from CSSMCQs Users

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