100 Most Repeated General Knowlege MCQs for FPSC PPSC NTS PTS OTS NAVY PAF

Here, you will get 100 Most Repeated General Knowlege MCQs for FPSC PPSC NTS PTS OTS NAVY PAF. These Most repeated general knowledge MCQs are without answers which have been asked in ppsc past papers, fpsc past papers and nts past papers, css past papers. They can also be helpful in css mcqs  and pms general knowledge,

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

100 Most Repeated General Knowlege MCQs for FPSC PPSC NTS PTS OTS NAVY PAF

1.     The Olympic Games are held after every:

2.    “Kindergarten” refers to?

3.     Who is the founder of social media network “Facebook”?

4.     What is meant by “Petticoat Government”?

5.     ATM stands for:

6.     The second largest religion of the world is?

7.     Nelson Mandela was the president of?

8.     CNG is an abbreviation of:

9.     Sri Lanka was formerly known as?

10.   People of which country are known as Kiwis?

11.   Baku is the capital city of?

12.   Mosaad is the secret intelligence agency of ?

13.   Which among the following cricketer is referred as “The Don”?

14.   “Scotland Yard” is a police department of?

15.   Dolly was the name of the:

16.   Which theory of justice is based on the principle “Kill the sin not the sinner”?

17.   Onyx is a kind of?

18.   The chemical name of common salt is?

19.   Ozone layer protects life on earth from?

20.   Sunlight falling on our skin causes to produce?

21.   Capital punishment means:

22.   Hematology is the study of?

23.   Which of the following is not a primary colour?

24.   Which component of the diet prevents constipation?

25.   Which of the following sports is associated with Davis Cup?

26.   Synagogue is the place of worship of which religion?

27.   Where was Albert Einstein born?

28.   The Eiffel Tower is located in?

29.   Napoleon Bonaparte was the King of?

30.   “Biman” is the name of airline of:

31.   Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?

32.   The highest capital in the world is:

33.   “Riksdag” is the parliament of?

34.   First president of USA:

35.   Niagra Falls are situated in?

36.   Nobel Prize is awarded in:

37.   Which is the deepest ocean in the world?

38.   Which country’s flag is known as Union Jack?

39.   “Birr” is the currency of:

40.   What does word ‘geo’ mean?

41.   What is meant by the term “Fourth Estate”?

42.   Waterloo is located in:

43.   Xenophobia is a fear of?

44.   Pisa Tower is located in:

45.   United Nations came into existence?

46.   Headquarters of ILO is located in:

47.   “Land of Maple Leaf” is :

48.   “Land of Rising Sun” is:

49.   “Durand Line” is a boundary line between:

50.   The earth moves from:

51.   Seismology is the study of?

52.   Velocity of sound is maximum in:

53.    The famous oil painting “Mona Lisa ” is the creation of?

54.   49th parallel is a boundary line between?

55.     Which continent has no desert?

56.   The headquarters of WTO is in:

57.   Which of the following game is also called “Ping Pong”?

58.   United Nations security council comprises of how many members?

59.   On the banks of which river is the city of London located?

60.   Which is the longest river in the world?

61.   What do you understand by En route?

62.   Michelangelo was a famous?

63.   Who said these words “Man without society is either beast or God”?

64.   Who said “A thing of beauty is joy forever ”?

65.   Who said “Man is a social animal”?

66.   Sui generis is Latin term for?

67.   I.Q. is an abbreviation of:

69.   Name the capital of Byzantine Empire?

70.   Steve Jobs earned fame during his association with?

71.   SIM stands for:

72.   What is meant by Dengue?

74.   What comes to mind with the name of Neil Armstrong?

75.   Wall Street is famous for?

76.   Mont Blank is disputed between the countries?

77.   What is the national bird of China?

78.   How many balls are used in game of billiards?

79.   NATO stands for:

80.    Aristotle was the ——— of Plato?

81.   Spain literally means:

82.   “Mein Kampf” is the autobiography of?

83.   Golden Temple, Amritsar is a holy place of?

84.   The scout movement was started by:

85.   Kamal Attaturk abolished the Ottoman Caliphate?

86.   Alexander the Great invaded India in?

87.   “Think and Grow Rich” was written by?

88.   Which of the following is a Human Rights Organization?

89.   “Hyde Park” London is famous for:

90.   The highest title in Judo is?

91.   The first satellite was launched by?

92.   The largest island in the world is ?

93.   The book “Conquest of Happiness” was written by?

94.   The largest desert of the world is?

95.   “Rio de Janerio” is the seaport of?

96.   The oldest written language is?

97.   What does Latin word “Aqua” mean?

98.   The French Revolution began in the year:

99.   Who is called the Father of Comedy?

100.   “Modus Operandi” means?

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