January Current Affairs Of Pakistan 2022 Mcqs With Answers Pdf Download

Here, you will have January 2022 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs in Pdf download. These Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs 2022 are taken from the month of January 2022. These are very important for every sort of exam in Pakistan especially the upcoming CSS Screening Test of FPSC 2022. These questions and answers with solutions CA & PA 2022 MCQs are equally important for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, NTS and all other competitive exams of Pakistan.

January 2022 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs in Pdf download
January 2022 Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs in Pdf download

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January Current Affairs Of Pakistan 2021 Mcqs With Answers Pdf Download

Who is appointed the accountability and interior adviser of PM Imran Khan on 26 January 2022?

A. Shehzad Akbar
B. Musaddiq Abbasi
C. Abdul Razak Dawood
D. Ayub Afridi

Who is the Current January 2022 Chairman Of HEC?

A. Mr. Nizam Ud Din
B. Dr Tariq Banuri
C. Mr. Atta-ur-Rahman
D. None of these

On January 17, 2022 a SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY ZONE(STZ) was inaugurated in ___________?

A. Haripur
B. Manshera
C. Karachi
D. Islamabad

Who resigns as PM’s advisor on Accountability and Interior in January 2022?

A. Fawad choudhary
B. Shaikh Rasheed
C. Shahzad Akbar
D. Shibli Faraz

Justice Ayesha Malik took oath as a Supreme Court judge and formally became the country’s first-ever female judge on ___________?

A. 23, January, 2022
B. 24, January, 2022
C. 25, January, 2022
D. None of these.

Which PNS (Pakistan Navy Ship) visited Tanzania on January 16, 2022 as a part of Pakistan’s overseas deployment in Africa and also established a free medical camp there?

A. Ghazi 5
B. Heebat
C. Alamgir
D. None of these

The _________ government has signed memorandums of understandings (MoUs) with 44 foreign investment companies Attracts $8 Billion Investment at Dubai International Expo-2020 on January 16, 2022?

A. Punjab
B. Sindh
D. Balochistan

Which militant group claims the responsibility for the Lahore Anarkali market blast that took place in January 2022?

A. Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA)
D. None of these

Veteran actor Rasheed Naz died at the age 73 on January ______2022?

A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20

Public version of Pakistan’s first-ever national security policy was unveiled on ________?

A. Jan 10, 2021
B. Jan 12, 2021
C. Jan 13, 2021
D. Jan 14, 2021

Which country assumes the G77 chair on January 14, 2022?

A. Pakistan
B. Russia
C. India
D. None of these

Who unveiled a public version of the country’s first-ever National Security Policy (NSP) on January 14, 2022?

A. PM Imran Khan
B. NSA Moeed Yousuf
C. President Dr. Arif Alavi
D. COAS Gen: Qamar javed Bajwa

When Pakistan reached the milestone as a country where 100 mllion people has been administered at least one does of Covid-19 vaccine?

A. 10 Jan 2022
B. 09 Jan 2022
C. 11 Jan 2022
D. None of these

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2022 season 7th will be start from _________?

A. January 17, 2022
B. January 27, 2022
C. February 2, 2022
D. None of these

Green Line bus service becomes fully operational from __________?

A. 9th January 2022
B. 10th January 2022
C. 11th January 2022
D. None of these022

Who has been named most valuable cricketer in PCB awards on January 6, 2022?

A. Babar Azam
B. Hassan Ali
C. Shaheen Afridi
D. Mohammad Rizwan

Which British-Pakistani has been given UK’s Coat of Arms on January 6 2022?

A. Lord Sadiq Khan
B. Lord Amir Khan
C. Lord Aamer Sarfraz
D. None of these

First Islamabad-Istanbul train departed on 21 Dec 2021. When did it reach Ankara?

A. Jan 2, 2022
B. Jan 3, 2022
C. Jan 4, 2022
D. None of these

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Which parliamentarian paid the highest tax among parliamentarians in 2019?

A. M yaqoob Shaikh
B. M. Najeeb Haroon
C. Saleh Muhammad
D. Shaukat Ali

Which Pakistani international player announced his retirement on 3rd January 2022?

A. Shoaib Malik
B. Muhammad Hafeez
C. Sarfaraz Ahmed
D. None of these

Pakistani all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez announces retirement from International Cricket on ________?

A. 31st December, 2021
B. 3rd January, 2022
C. 4th January, 2022
D. None of these

Who is the Current newly appointed DG ISPR of Pakistan?

A. Maj General Asif Ghafoor
B. Major General Bilal Akbar
C. Major General Babar Iftikhar
D. Maj General Shaukat Sultan

Pakistan had committed to how many different IMF programmes from 1958 to 2021

A. 8
B. 15
C. 22
D. 57

According to the Labour Force Survey (LFS) recent report, the unemployment rate in Pakistan is _______?

A. 5.8 %
B. 6.9%
C. 7.6%
D. None of these

Pakistan ranks ______ out of 141 countries on the Global Competitiveness index.

A. 51st
B. 110th
C. 133rd
D. 135th

Who is the Current Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)?

A. Lt Gen Akhtar Nawaz
B. Lt. Gen. Omar Mahmood Hayat
C. Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal
D. Lt. Gen. Nadeem Ahmad

In 2021, Pakistan ranked ______ out of 156 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index

A. 151st
B. 15nd
C. 153rd 
D. 154th

Pakistan Army has been ranked the ___________ most powerful in the world out of 133 countries on the Global Fire power index 2022?

A. 8th
B. 9th
C. 10th
D. None of above

According to Corruption Index 2021, Pakistan ranked ________ out of 180 countries?

A. 140th
B. 124th
C. 100th
D. 95th

What is the rank of Pakistan in the Transparency International’s corruption perception index(CPI) 2021?

A. 140
B. 145
C. 135
D. 124

Who Won Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy 2021?

A. Babar Azam
B. Virat Kohli
C. Ben Stokes
D. Shaheen Shah Afridi

Name the Pakistani Boxer who won Arabian Sea Championship title?

A. Waseem Khan
B. Muzaffar Khan
C. Siraj Din
D. Dildar Khan

Who’s the first Pakistani transgender doctor in the history of Pakistan?

A. Sarah Gill
B. Ryna
C. Shayna
D. Marvia Malik

Justice Ayesha Malik before taking the charge of the judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan has served as a judge in which court?

A. Islamabad High Court
B. Lahore High Court
C. GB High Court
D. Peshawar High Court

Who administered the oath from the first women judge, Ayesha A Malik, of Supreme court of Pakistan?

A. Justice Saqib nisar
B. Justice Gulzar Ahmed
C. Arif Alvi
D. Imran Khan

__________ has been awarded as the laurel of t20 cricketer of the year 2021?

A. Muhammad Rizwan
B. Shaheen Shah Afridi
C. Babar Azam
D. Dewon Conway

Which Pakistani women cricketer had been named emerging cricketer of the year 2021?

A. Fatima Sana
B. Sidra Janeen
C. Nida Dar
D. Bismah Maroof

Pakistan ranked ________ among TB high-burden countries?

A. 4th.
B. 5th.
C. 6th.
D. 7th.

Which Central Bank Won the IFN global award 2021 for promoting Islamic Finance across the World?

A. State Bank of Pakistan
A. Bank Negara Malaysia
C. Saudi Central Bank
D. None of these

How many peoples killed in blast at lahore’s anarkali market?

A. 7
B. 4
C. 3
D. None of these

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Which country is going to host “Asian Taekwondo” in November 2022?

A. India
B. Japan
C. Nepal
D. Pakistan

According to the ‘GLOBAL RISK REPORT 2022’, published by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM(wef), which among the following is top risk for Pakistan?

A. Climate Change
B. Inflation
C. Debt Crisis
D. None of these

Who has been appointed as Chairman of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation?

A. Rizwan Ahmed
B. Abdul Hafeez
C. Naghman Malik
D. Sohail Sial

Karot Hydropower project under construction on river?

A. Jhelum River
B. Indus River
C. Chenab River
D. None of these

Raza Rabbani is a senator of which party?


Pakistan Ranked as The ________ Worst Passport for International Travel in 2022?

A. 2nd
B. 3rd
C. 4th
D. 5th

Who is the current MD/CEO of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited?

A. Khalid Mansoor
B. Ali Javaid Hamdani
C. Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain
D. Dr. Muhammad Sohail Khan Rajput

Sukkur- Hyderabad motorway have total cost of __________?

A. 191bn
B. 181bn
C. 171bn
D. 161bn

Who becomes first woman judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan?

A. Aliya Khatoon
B. Ayesha Malik
C. Hafsa Batool
D. Dr Sadia siddique

Which country will give it’s nationality to foreign investors?

A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Sri Lanka
D. China

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Pakistan has chaired G77 before 2022 for how many times?

A. 3 times
B. 4 times
C. Once
D. None of these

Justice Umar Ata bandial to take oath as ________ Chief Justice on Feb 2, 2022.

A. 25th
B. 26th
C. 27th
D. 28th

Global Economic Prospects report 2022, by the World Bank forecasts _______% growth rate for Pakistan in the current fiscal year(2021-22)?

A. 4.1%
B. 3.8%
C. 3.9%
D. 3.4%

Who will host ICC champions trophy 2025?

B. Pakistan
C. India
D. New Zealand

Murree was declared calamity hit after at least _____ people died in cars stranded in snow?

A. 20
B. 23
C. 25
D. None of these

Pakistan-born surgeon among team who made history with ________to human heart transplant?

A. Pig
B. Frog
C. Giraffes
D. None of these

Name the Pakistan-born surgeon among team who made history with pig-to-human heart transplant?

A. Dr. Ammar Hameed Khan
B. Dr. Syed Dawood Shah
C. Dr. Mohammad Mohiuddin
D. None of these

To mark the _______ anniversary of establishment of the UET, Lahore, the government has decided to issue a commemorative coin of Rs 100?

A. 50th anniversary
B. 100th anniversary
C. 150th anniversary
D. 200th anniversary

Which Pakistani Actor will be starring in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’?

A. Javaid sheikh
B. Fawad khan
C. Humayun Saeed
D. None of these

How many Green Line Buses will cover a track of 21 km in Karachi?

A. 70
B. 75
C. 80
D. 85

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23 persons founded dead inside vehicles in Murree recently . The reason of death is _______?

A. Carbon Monoxide
B. hypothermia
C. accident
D. None of these

State of the art Cricket Stadium to be built in which city of Pakistan?

A. Lahore
B. Faisalabad
C. Karachi
D. Islamabad

Who has been nominated as 1st Female Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan?

A. Justice Noor Mujataba
B. Justice Ayesha Malik
C. Justice Ayesha Baig
D. Justice Iqra hayat

Pakistan acquires 25 J-10C fighter jets from ________?

B. Russia
C. France
D. China

Pakistan acquires USD ____ billion loans in Fiscal year 2020-21.

A. USD 12.32 billion
B. USD 13.32 billion
C. USD 15.32 billion
D. None of these

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