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Here, you will have Famous International Airlines MCQs General Knowledge MCQs. These Famous International Airlines MCQs in the world lists are given with a pdf download at the end. These General Knowledge MCQ are equally important for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, NTS and all other competitive exams of Pakistan. Thus, These are helpful For Nts Test, Ppsc Test, Fpsc Test, Bpsc Test, Spsc Test, Kpkpsc Test and Ajkpsc Test preparation.

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

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List Famous International Airlines MCQs

  1. Aero float is the airline of Russia.
  2. Al-Italia is an Italian international airline.
  3. Royal Nepal’s Airline is the name of Nepal’s airline.
  4. Transworld Airway (TWA) belongs to the USA.
  5. Scandinavian airlines operate in the countries Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
  6. KLM is the oldest national airline.
  7. JAL is an airline in Japan.
  8. BOAC airline is of Great Britain.
  9. Garada is the airline of Indonesia.
  10. Qantas is an airline in Australia.
  11. The famous airport Dum Dum is located in Mumbai (India).
  12. Chaklala airport is situated in Rawalpindi.
  13. Orly airport is located in Paris.
  14. Santa Cruz airport is in Mumbai.
  15. KLM is an airline of the Netherland.
  16. LOT is the national airline of what country-Poland
  17. TABSO is the national airline of which country-Bulgaria
  18. Lufthansa is an airline from Germany
  19. Cathy Pacific is an airline in Hong Kong.
  20. What is Belgium’s national Airline- Sabina
  21. Vnukovo airport is in Moscow.
  22. Biman is the airline of Bangladesh.
  23. Qantas is an airline in Australia.
  24. Garunda is an Airline of Indonesia.
  25. Asiana is the airline of South Korea


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