Inspector Solved MCQs of Anti Corruption Bs-16 paper

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Original Solved Paper MCQs of Inspector Anti Corruption

1. Imam Malik born? 179

2. Abu Hanifa died? 699

3. Manchar Lake is in? Sindh

4. Meera Ji buried? Bombay

5. Illuminating Synonym? clear

6. Archduke Franz Ferdinand? WW1

7. Iron deficiency? Anemia
8. Banaras Institute? Urdu
9. 1st Viceroy? 1858

10. War of Independence?

11. Penultimate Viceroy?
Lord Wavell

12. Founder of self Local Govt? GG Lord Ripon

13. Thoughts on Pak ?
B. R. Ambedkar

14. First CM of Punjab?
Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot

15. Ghazwah Tabook ?

16. Al Falah Centre ?

17. Minar e Pakistan?
Great Iqbal Park

18. General Joseph Dunford ? USA

19. Scotograph?
Used by Blind

20. Astore District?
Gilgit Baltistan

21. Largest Export of Pak?

22. Shortest Border with Pak?

23. Mankata Meaning?
Kat dena

24. Nazam meaning?

25. Country not in OPEC?

26. Hayat e Javed?
Altaf Hussain Hali

27. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

28. Call of Hijrat in 1920 to ? Afghanistan

29. Quit India Movment?

30. 1st Civil Martial Law Administrator?
Z. A Bhutto

31. Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk?
Syed Mehdi Ali

32. Flattened surface of earth in poles ?

33. Poonch river merged into? Jehlum river

34. Sky News? UK

35. CPEC ? North Africa

36. Nangro Karbakh?

37. High Time means?
Appropriate time

38. Who tore the letter of Holy Prophet PBUH?
Khusro Pervez

39. Iran City ?

40. Zulnoon?
Hazrat Younia

41. Contemporary of Hazrat Ibrahim?
Hazrat Loot

42. Sir Creek Suggestion by Pak ?

43. Area in 2010 flood?

44. 1st Amendment?
Boundary redesign

45. Province Sovereignty?
18th Amendment

46. Vieana? Danube

47. Knocked ? Down

48. Gulliable?

49. Ozone Thining?

50. Denali Mountains?
M. mickenly

51. District Connects all?
D. G Kha.

52. Sukhov Tower? Russia

53. Lahore High Court old name?
Chief High court

54. 1st written constitution?
Mewsaq e madina

55. PRODA? 1949

56. Mawra ? N. M Rashid

57. Nobel Prize 2 times?
Linus Pauling

58. Air Pollution caused by ?

59. Basic of constitution?
Objective Resolution

60. Bint nab

61. Diet ? Japan

62. Stay of Holy Prophet during migration?
Cave Soar

63. one mail to many?
Mail Merge

64. Line selection?
Alt+shift+up arrow

65. Favt game of GB?

66. Aim of Thomas Roe in Jshangir court?

67. MENA 17th ? Jordan

68. Ruthless Antonym?

69. Rivers of Pak?

70. Sajji ? Balochistan

71. Torque?

72. Which protect from disease?
Red cells,white cells,platelets

73. Data Validation

74. Book by Khalda?

75. Digestive ?Gallbladder

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