History Of Subcontinent Important MCQs in Pdf

Here, you will have History Of Subcontinent Important One liner MCQs in Pdf. These MCQs of History Of Subcontinent can also be downloaded in PDF which is given at the end of this document.

Important MCQs of History Of Subcontinent

1.    The main characteristic of the Indus Valley Civilisation is  Drainage System
2.    The main occupation of the people of the induas valley was  Agriculture
3.    Which one of the following archeologists initially discovered the Moen-jo-Daro site of the idus valley civilisation? Rakhal Das Banerjee
4.    Which one of the following element of Hinduism were practised in the Indus valley civilisation? Cult of shiva
5.    The great bath of the Indus valley civilisation waa discovered in  Moen jo Daro
6.    Which metal was not known on the Indus valley people?  Iron
7.    Nomad man started settling in  Neolothic Age
8.    The earliest evidence of silver in india is found in  Harrappan Culture
9.    The periode when men used both stones and copper tools is known as the  Metal Age
10. The Indus valley civilisation is known as Pr-Aryan civilisation because of the evidence of  Script
11. The greatest invansion of mn in the Palaeolithic Age as  Fire
12. The script the Indus valley civilisation was  Dravidian
13. The Indus valley people knew the use of  Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze but not Iron
14. The Indus valley people had trade relations with  Mesopotamia
15. The Indus valley houses were built of  Bricks
16. The Indus valley civilisation flourshed during  3000-1500 BC
17. The Indus valley people worshiped  Mother of Goddess
18. The Aryan at first settled in  Punjab
19. Which of the following craftsmanship was not practised by the Aryan  Blacksmith
20. Brahmans are books that deal with  Ritualism
21. The Indus valley civilisation was discovered in 1922
22. The Lothal civilisation was known for  Drainage system
23. Moen jo Daro is also known as  Mound of the dead
24. Which colour was commonly used in Harappan pottery? Red

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History Of Subcontinent Important MCQs in Pdf