FPSC Solved MCQs of Patrol Officer Batch-2

Here, you will find Today (27-09-2020) FPSC original Solved MCQs of Patrol Officer Batch-2. The maths portion of Patrol Officer exam are also given in the end of this post. If you have appeared in this exam, please share the rest of the Mcqs.

Patrol officer Exams MCQs of FPSC

1. Objective Resolution presented by. L A khan

2.UN headquarter in. Newyork

3.Ist constitution of Pakistan. 1956

4.pervaiz musharaf Marshall law was.4th

5.US senators. 100

6.Total members of Sindh Assembly. 168

7.Total districts of Punjab.36

8.Faiz ahmad faiz was imprisoned in the case of. Rawalpindi incident

9.Imran khan took oath on. 18 aug 2018

10.How many categories of people who can take zakat. 8

11.Security Council is the. Main organ of UN

12.Pakistan connected with china through. Khunjerab Pass

13.Many Hafiz martyred in. Yamama

14. Meaning of Zakat. To purify

15.Syed ahmad shaheed faught his last battle at. Balakot.

arrange least to greater 2/3, 5/8, 13/20

0<x<y 1/x-1/y ? 0

in a class 18 boys and 12 girls find ratio of girls

8 is 1/3% of what number?

if a students average in 4 tests is 80 then what he score to manage average 84

find clock angle at 4 p.m

a girls spend 15% and 10 % she left with 550 how much total she have

a hospital needs 150 pills for 6 patients then how much for 10 patients.

machine produces 50 things in one hour then how much in 50 minutes.

probability question related to marbals

one acute triangular related question

10(a+b)=35 find average of a+b

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