CSS & PMS Philosophy Subject MCQs

Here, you will have some mcqs of Philosophy subjects for the competitive exams of CSS and PMS.

Philosophy MCQS for CSS PMS

(i) “Creative Evolution” is written by:
A. Kant
B. Bergson
C. Hegel
D. None of these

(ii) “Critique of Pure Reason” is the work of:
A. Bergson
B. Hume
C. Kant
D. None of these

(iii) _____ is the founder of Modern Philosophy.
A. Descartes
B. Spinoza
C. Leibniez
D. None of these

(iv) “The Republic” is authored by:
A. Aristotle
B. Plato
C. Socrates
D. None of these

(v) Al Rad-ul-Mantaqeen is written by:
A. Al-ghazali
B. Ibn-i-Taimiya
C. Ibn Rushd
D. None of these

(vi) Karl Marx is famous for his work:
A. Das Capital
B. Creative Evolution
C. Critique of Pure Reason
D. None of these

(vii) Al-Nijat and Al-Isharat are the works of:
A. Ibn-i-Sina
B. Al-Ghazali
C. Al-Farabi
D. None of these

(viii) Ibn Rushd wrote a book as an answer to al-Ghazali’s Tahafat, name it.
A. Hujjatullah al Baligha
B. Tahafat-ul-Tahafat
C. The Muqaddama
D. None of these

(ix) Wahdat-ul-Wajud is the doctrine of:
A. Ibn-ul-Fareed
B. Ibn-ul-Arabi
C. Maulana Rumi
D. None of these

(x) Who is famous for his ‘Illuminative’ or ‘Isharqi Sufism’?
A. Ibn-ul-Arabi
B. Ibn-ul-Fareed
C. Shahabuddin Suharawardy Maqtool
D. None of these

(xi) Who is the founder of Philosophy of History?
A. Ibn-i-Sina
B. Al-Kindi
C. Ibn-i-Khaldun
D. None of these

(xii) Who was the first to translate the Quran in Persian in the Sub-Continent?
A. Shah Abdul Qadir
B. Syed Ahmed Shaheed
C. Shahwaliullah
D. None of these

(xiii) The word “Mutazilites” is derived from the Arabic word.
A. Ihtisal
B. Itizal
C. Istidlal
D. None of these

(xiv) Abu Musa was the founder of the Kalamist thought of the:
A. Mutazilites
B. Qadarites
C. Asharites
D. None of these

(xv) Amr Ibn Ubaid and Wasil Ibn Ata were the pupils of:
A. Al-Ghazali
B. Imam Hasan Basri
C. Imam Ibn-i-Tamiya
D. None of these

(xvi) Kant is famous for his critiques. Which one is the most important?
A. Critique of Pure Reason
B. Critique of Pure Practical Reason
C. Critique of Practical Reason
D. None of these

(xvii) Empiricism is a philosophical school of thought that originated in:
A. America
B. Britain
C. Germany
D. None of these

(xviii)The founder of Modern Philosophy was:
A. Spinoza
B. Hume
C. Descartes
D. None of these

(xix) Who said, “Knowledge is a virtue”?
A. Plato
B. Democritus
C. Socrates
D. None of these

(xx) Ibn ul Arabi is famous for his Sufism based on the idea of:
A. Wahdat-ul-Wajood
B. Wahdat-ul-Shahood
C. Amr Bil Maroof
D. None of these

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