120 English Common & Important Phrasal Verbs

Here, you will have 120 English Common & Important Phrasal Verbs for your daily use. In the traditional grammar of Modern English, a phrasal verb typically constitutes a single semantic unit composed of a verb as collocated with a particle, with a particle and a preposition, or with an adverbial prepositional phrase. These common but important phrasal verbs can create a great impact in your conversation, so revise them again and again.

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120 Most Common Phrasal Verbs List

Here are a bunch of phrasal verbs that you should know

1. Call off means cancel
2. Turn down means reject
3. Bring up means mention
4. Come up means arise/ produce
5. Hand over means relinquish/give a chance
6. Take over means to take control /responsibility
7. Take up means to require
8. Get on means continue / have a good relationship
9. Talk over means discuss / interrupt
10. Use up means exhaust / use completely
11. Look forward to means await
12. Go on means continue
13. Catch up means discuss latest news
14. Fill in means complete
15. Hand in means submit
16. Look up means find/search
17. Look into means check/ investigate
18. Figure out means understand / solve
19. Go over means review
20. Show up means arrive
21. Ring up means call
22. Go back means return to a place
23. Pick out means choose
24. chip in means help
25. Break in on means interrupt
26. Come apart means separate
27. Go ahead means start / proceed
28. Cut in means interrupt
29. Own up means confess
30. Figure out means discover
31. Get back means return
32. Get away means escape
33. Work outmeans exercise
34. Hang in means stay positive
35. Put down means insult
36. Pass out means faint
37. Leave out means omit/ skip
38. Show off means boast / brag
39. Peter out means finish / come to an end gradually
40. Lay off means dismiss, give up or stop doing something
41. Take on means employ( someone)
42. Cross out means delete / cancel / erase
43. Sort out means solve
44. Make out means understand / hear
45. Abide by means follow ( a rule / decision / instruction)
46. Pile up means accumulate
47. Pig put means to eat a lot
48. Pick up means collect
49. mix up means confuse
50. Make of means understand / have an opinion
51. Opt for means choose
52. Pass back means return
53. Patch up means fix/ make things better
54. Plump for means choose
55. Polish off means finish / consume
56. Decide upon means choose / select
57. Die down means decrease
58. Get along means leave
59. Hook up means meet ( someone)
60. Jack up means increase sharply
61. Kick about means discuss
62. Talk about means discuss
63. Kick out means expel
64. Lay on means organise/ supply
65. Link up means connect /join
66. Make after means chase
67. Make away with means steal
68. Big up means exaggerate the importance
69. Blow up means explode
70. Book in means check in at a hotel
71. Call up means telephone
72. Cap off means finish / complete
73. Care for means like
74. carry off means win/succeed
75. Carry on means continue
76. Add on means include
77. Ask over means invite
78. Back away means retreat / go backwards
79. Back off means retreat
80. Bag out means criticize
81. Bull up means confuse / complicate
82. Bear on means influence / affect
83. Give up means quit / stop trying
84. Keep on means continue
85. Put off means postpone
86. Turn up means appear suddenly
87. Take after means resemble
88. Bring up means raise (children)
89. Fill out means complete a form
90. Drop out of means leave school
91. Do over means repeat a job / task
92. Fill up means fill to capacity
93. Look over means examine / check
94. Put away means save / store
95. Put out means extinguish
96. Set up means arrange/ begin
97. Throw away means discard
98. Cut down on means curtail ( expenses)
99. Try out means test
100. Turn off means repulse
101. Call on means visit
102. Go through means use up/ consume
103. Check up on means examine / investigate
104. wait on means serve
105. get rid of means eliminate/ eradicate/ erase
106. Get through with means finish
107. Look down on means despise
108. Look up to means respect & admire
109. Make sure of means verify
110. Put up with means tolerate
111. Run out of means exhaust supply
112. Think back on means recall/ remember
113. Walk out on means abandon
114. Get bymeans survive
115. Get up means arise
116. Grow up means get older
117. Walk up means arouse from sleep
118. Back up means support
119. Make up for means compensate
120. Calm down means relax

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