MOD 2021 Descriptive Test Preparation Most Important & Expected Topics For AD & SI etc

Here, you will get MOD 2021 Descriptive Test Most Important & Expected Topics for the posts of Ministry of Defence jobs 2021. These questions are the most important and expected to be asked in an upcoming test of MOD 2021 for the posts of Direct, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Inspector, Sub Inspector, Security Sub Inspector and Security Supervisor etc.

MOD 2021 Descriptive Test Most Important & Expected Topics

1. THE end-game in Afghanistan has begun in right earnest with President Joe Biden’s announcement of the completion of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Highlight the future of Afghanistan in such a dilemma and its consequences.

2. What do you know about the Grey List of FATF. What is the Pakistan position in FATF and the role of rival states of Pakistan in FATF?

3. OBOR VS b3W – who will the developing world choose and why??

4. Despite of NAP, why did Radul Fasad initiate, suggest a comprehensive strategy to root out terrorism?

5.  Growing Delta threat seems extensive, are we back to the brink of a Covid-19 disaster again?

6. FATA reforms; are agree with FATA to become merged with KP?

7. What do you know about the 22nd amendment?

8. What is Brexit, nationalization emerging new world order?

9. Is Pakistan a member of SCO. What are the significances of SCO for their states, why is it considered the Aisan NATO?

10. The worst democracy is better than dictatorship, are you agree?

11. There was a conference in Nov 2016 in which around 150 countries rectified 2015 Paris climate deal, media did not cover that conference, read about it.

12. Iranian president visited Pakistan in 2016, read about Pak-Iran relations.

13. Turkish president Erdogan visited Pakistan, read about Pak-Turk relations.
(They can also ask about the Turkish coup)

14. Pak Russia relations, army chief visited Russia and Russia for the first time started participating in joint military exercises.

15. American new President Joe Biden policies towards the developing states

16. Brexit is very important for UK, write down its causes/effects

17. Rise of populism/nationalism ( think of revolution in Italy, la penz in France, geld wilders in Netherlands, trump in U.S , Moodi in India…….. what is causing this phenomenon? Is it a reaction to globalization?)

18. South china sea, very imp issue

19. Balochistan issue

20. CPEC is important

21. Pak India relations( due to rising border tensions)

22. Extremism/radicalism in Pakistan

23. Power crises in Pakistan

24. water issue with India, related question can be water scarcity in Pakistan.

25. How to tackle corruption in Pakistan 

26. They can ask about trumps ban on seven Muslim countries

27. They can also ask hacking controversy surrounding U.S elections

28. you should know the Siachen issue and sir creek issue

29. Pakistanis economy, read how it is doing

30. Syria crises

32. Yemen crises

33. Isis in south Asia

34. Pak china relations

35. ECO summit, agenda?

36. SCO, advantages for Pakistan?

37. Heart of Asia conference in 2016, agenda?

38. National action plan, military courts (useful) (very important)

39. What is ozone layer depletion, how it is produced & its implications? 

40. What is FIFA, define its structure & when it will be played next?

41. G8 and Pakistan

42. What do you know about the recent South Africa riots?

43.  Covid-19 and Pakistan socio-economic impacts

44. Population Explosion is a real threat in Pakistan, elaborate.

45. US-Sino Competition and the stance of Pakistan.


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