Today’s Assistant C&W department Past Paper MCQs

Here, you will have today Today’s (Nov 7, 2021) Assistant C&W department past paper un solved MCQs. These Today’s Assistant C&W department Past Paper MCQs are shared by members. If you know its answers must comment below

Today’s Assistant C&W department Past Paper MCQs

  1. Study of blood
  2. Vitamin A scientific name
  3. Physically world latitude?
  4. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH foster sister
  5. Kosovo recognized by Pakistan?
  6. Wich pact was signed btw pak and ind after 1971 war?
  7. Curtail synonyms
  8. Look antonyms
  9. Arkan e namaz
  10. Largest ocean
  11. Sharait e nimaz
  12. Most peaceful country?
  13. Punjab public library in which city?
  14. Hanna lake ?
  15. Articles in 1973 constitution?
  16. Ural mountains in which country?
  17. Beat the The bushes idoim
  18. Pakistan economic ranking in 2021.
  19. 20-Nahi anel mynkar means
  20. Ultraviolet color wave length
  21. 3rd most populous city?
  22. Lay palak beta k bare Allah ka hukam
  23. eggs laying animals known as ?
  24. Pakistan came into being in which century?
  25. Gandhara belong to which civilization?
  26. Lowari tunnel length?
  27. BRICS countries number?
  28. Deserts in Pakistan?
  29. Lord during independence of indopak
  30. Ruler of Kashmir during indo-pak war


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