MCQs About Football Sport |General Knowledge

Here, you will get MCQs About Football Sports General Knowledge. Football is one of the various games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other’s goal.

MCQs of Football Sport |General Knowledge

1. Which football team plays its home games at Wembley? – England
2. What is the nickname of Burnley F.C.? – Clarets
3. Where do you usually find football news in a newspaper? – The back page
4. Which country has won the World Cup the most times? – Brazil
5. What is the name of the white dot right in the middle of a football pitch? –
Centre Spot
6. Which of these is not a popular children’s football magazine? – Goal
7. Who was England’s manager at the 2010 World Cup? – Fabio Capello
8. In what year did England win their first and only World Cup? – 1966
9. At which team did Wayne Rooney start his professional football career? –
10. Which footballer has ‘written’ the most books? – David Beckham
11. Which team has been in the top English league for longer than any other? –
12. What does the title of the magazine called FourFourTwo mean? – A team
13. Which country calls football ‘calcio’? – Italy
14. What is the nickname of Derby County F.C.? – The Rams
15. Which footballer’s wife has not written a book? – Gerrard
16. Before South Africa, how many World Cups had been played in Africa? – None
17. What football team does the author of the Foul Play books, Tom Palmer,
support? – Leeds United
18. Where was the first ever World Cup held in 1930? – Uruguay in South America
19. Where does the word ‘soccer’ come from? – Association Football
20. Which was the last team to win the English league before the Premier League
was born? – Leeds United
21. Which African country is featured in Tom Palmer’s book, Off Side? – Ghana
22. What team does Prince William support? – Aston Villa
23. What is the Euro 2016 slogan? – Le Rendez-Vous
24. What is the nickname of York City F.C.? – The Minstermen
25. Name the only team that entered the qualification stage for the first time? –
26. Which EURO 2016 team are nicknamed ‘the eagles’? – Albania
27. Wayne Rooney became England’s all-time leading scorer during a 2-0 victory
against Switzerland in the qualifications – what did it bring his England goal total
to? – 50
28. Wales scored 11 goals in qualifying for EURO 2016 – how many of these did
Gareth Bale score? – 7
29. Which team will play against Portugal, Hungary and Austria in ‘Group F’? –
30. Which country beat England on penalties in the EURO 2012 quarter-finals? –
31. In which city do England play Wales? – Lens
32. Robert Lewandowski of Poland scored the most goals in the qualification rounds
– which club side does he play for? – Bayern Munich
33. Defeat to which team in October 2014 ended Spain’s 36-match unbeaten run in
World Cup and EURO qualifying fixtures? – Slovakia
34. What is the nickname of Scunthorpe United F.C.? – The Iron
35. How many teams have won the UEFA European Championship more than once?
– Three (France, Spain and Germany)
36. In 2007, Ajax decided to retire which number shirt in honour of Cruyff? –
Number 14
37. Which football club did Paul Gascoigne briefly manage in 2005? – Kettering
38. Which team moved into the light in 1997, following 99 years at Roker Park? –
39. In which city is Estadio Centinario located which hosted the finals of first World
Cup? – Montevideo
40. Which Italian football club did Dennis Law once play for? – Torino
41. Which Argentinian star got to wear the No 10 jersey after the retirement of
Maradona from the Argentinian squad? – Ariel Ortega
42. Paul Ince captained which football club from 1997 to 1999? – Liverpool
43. Which English striker scored a hat trick in the 1966 World Cup Final? – Geoff Hurst
44. Which Premiership club were the first to give up a shirt sponsorship fee – in
order to promote a charity beween 2008/2010? – Aston Villa
45. Who scored the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal? – Diego Maradonna
46. For which club did Scottish professional footballer Danny McGrain play? –
47. Which football club did English internationals Peter Shilton, John Gregory and
Seth Johnson all once play for? – Derby County
48. What is the nickname of Fleetwood Town F.C.? – The Cod Army
49. Name the most Northerly Scottish Premiership Club? – Ross County
50. Which English League club did Ian Botham play for? – Scunthorpe United