Names Of All Intelligence Agencies Of Countries Of The World

Here, you will get Names Of All Intelligence Agencies Of Countries Of The World. These Intelligences are often asked in various exams of FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC and SPSC Exams throughout Pakistan. So, one should prepare about all list of Intelligence Agencies Of states Of The World.

List of Names Of All Intelligence Agencies Of Countries Of The World

🇦🇫 Afghanistan: (NDS)National directorate Of Security

🇦🇱 Albania: (SHISH)National Intelligence Service

🇩🇿 Algeria: (DRS)Department OF Intelligence And Security

🇦🇺 Australia: (ASIS)Australian Secret Intelligence Service

🇦🇿 Azerbaijan: (MNS)Ministry Of National Security

🇧🇭 Bahrain: (BIA1)Bahrain Intelligence Agency

🇧🇩 Bangladesh: (NSI)National Security Intelligence

🇧🇪 Belgium: (VSSE)State Security Service

🇧🇹 Bhutan: (LIA)Lead Intelligence Agency

🇧🇴 Bolivia: (SEBIN)Bolivarian National Intelligence Agency

🇧🇼 Botswana: (FIA)Financial Intelligence Agency

🇧🇷 Brazil: (ABIN)Brazilian Intelligence Agency

🇧🇬 Bulgaria: (SIA)State Intelligence Agency

🇨🇦 Canada: (CSIS)Canadian Security Intelligence Service

🇨🇱 Chile: (ANI)Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia

🇨🇳  China: (MSS)Ministry Of State Security

🇨🇴 Colombia: (DNI)National Intelligence Directorate

🇨🇬 Congo: (ANR)National Intelligence Agency

🇨🇺 Cuba: (DI/G2)Intelligence Directorate

🇨🇿 Czech Republic: (StB)State Security

🇩🇰 Denmark: (PET)Danish Security And Intelligence Service

🇪🇨 Ecuador: (SENAIN)National Intelligence Secretariat

🇪🇬 Egypt: (GID)General Intelligence Directorate

🇫🇯 Fiji: (FIS)Fiji Intelligence Services

🇫🇮 Finland: (SUPO)Finnish Security Intelligence Service

🇫🇷 France: (DGSE)General Directorate For External Security

🇬🇲 Gambia: (SIS)State Intelligence Services

🇬🇪 Georgia: (GIS)Georgian Intelligence Service

🇩🇪 Germany: (BND)Federal Intelligence Service

🇬🇷 Greece: (NIS)National Intelligence Service

🇮🇳 India: (RAW)Research And Analysis Wing

🇮🇩Indonesia: (BIN)State Intelligence Agency

🇮🇷Iran: (VAJA)Islamic Republic Of Iran Intelligence Ministry

🇮🇶Iraq: (IIS)Iraqi Intelligence Service

🇮🇪Ireland: (DMI)Directorate Of Military Intelligence

🇮🇱Israel: (MOSSAD)The Institute For Intelligence And Special Operations

🇮🇹Italy: (AISE)External Intelligence And Security Agency

🇯🇵Japan: (PSIA)Public Security Intelligence Agency

🇯🇴Jordan: (GID)General Intelligence Directorate

🇰🇿Kazakhstan: (NSC)National Security Committee Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

🇰🇪Kenya: (NIS)National Intelligence Service

🇰🇵North Korea: (RGB)Reconnaissance General Bureau

🇰🇷South Korea: (NIS)National Intelligence Service

🇱🇧Lebanon: (GDGS)General Directorate Of General Security

🇱🇷Liberia: (NSA)National Security Agency

🇱🇾Libya: (Mukhabarat el-Jamahiriya)Intelligence Of The Jamahiriya

🇱🇺Luxembourg: (SRDE)National Intelligence Agency

🇲🇾Malaysia: (SB)Special Branch

🇲🇽Mexico: (CNI)National Intelligence Centre

🇲🇦Morocco: (DGST)General Directorate Of Territorial Surveillance

🇳🇵Nepal: (NID)National Investigation Department

🇳🇱Netherlands: (AIVD)General Intelligence And Security Service

🇳🇿New Zealand: (NZSIS)New Zealand Security Intelligence Service

🇳🇬Nigeria: (NIA)National Intelligence Agency

🇳🇴Norway: (NIS)Norwegian Intelligence Service

🇲🇰North Macedonia: (AP)Intelligence Agency Of Republic Of North Macedonia

🇴🇲Oman(Muscat): (ISS)Internal Security Service

🇵🇰Pakistan: (ISI)Inter-Services Intelligence

🇵🇬Papua New Guinea: (NIO)National Intelligence Organization

🇵🇪Peru: (SIN)National Intelligence Service

🇵🇭Philippines: (NICA)National Intelligence Coordinating Agency

🇵🇱Poland: (AW0Foreign Intelligence Agency

🇵🇹Portugal: (SIRP)Informations System Of The Portuguese Republic

🇶🇦Qatar: (QSS)Qatar State Security

🇷🇴Romania: (SRI)Romanian Intelligence Service

🇷🇺Russia: (SVR RF)Foreign Intelligence Service Of The Russian Federation

🇸🇦Saudi Arabia: (GIP)General Intelligence Presidency

🇸🇬Singapore: (SID)Security And Intelligence Division

🇸🇰Slovak Republic: (SIS)Slovak Information Service

🇸🇮Slovenia: (SOVA)Slovenian Intelligence And Security Agency

🇸🇴Somalia: (NISA)National Intelligence And Security Agency

🇿🇦South Africa: (NIA)National Intelligence Agency

🇪🇸Spain: (CNI)National Intelligence Centre

🇱🇰Sri Lanka: (SIS)State Intelligence Service

🇸🇩Sudan: (NISS)National Intelligence And Security Service

🇸🇪Sweden: (MUST)Swedish Military Intelligence And Security Service

🇨🇭Switzerland: (FIS)Intelligence Service Of The Federation

🇸🇾Syria: (MID)Military Intelligence Directorate

🇹🇼Taiwan: (NSB)National Security Bureau R.O.C

🇹🇿Tanzania: (TISS)Tanzania Intelligence And Security Service

🇹🇭Thailand: (NIA)National Intelligence Agency

🇹🇷Turkey: (MIT)National Intelligence Organization

🇺🇦Ukraine: (SZR)The Foreign Intelligence Service

🇬🇧United Kingdom(UK): (SIS most commonly known as MI6)Secret Intelligence Service

🇺🇸United States Of America(USA): (CIA)Central Intelligence Agency

🇺🇿Uzbekistan: (SNB)National Security Service

🇻🇳Vietnam: (TC2)General Department Of Military Intelligence

🇿🇼Zimbabwe: (CIO)Central Intelligence Organization

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Names Of All Intelligence Agencies Of Countries Of The World