Some Interesting Important Terms and their meaning

Here, you will find Some Important as well as Interesting Terms and their meaning. You will come to know how interesting some terms are that we use in to our day to day life. And it becomes more intriguing in one comes to know about their meanings. So, read and learn these Some Important Terms now.

Some interesting & Important Terms and their meaning
Interesting Terms and their meaning

List of some Interesting Important Terms with their meanings

News paper means

North East West South past and present events report

Chess means

Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers

Cold means

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

Joke means

Joy of Kids Entertainment

Aim means

Ambition in Mind

Date means

Day and Time Evolution

Eat means

Energy and Taste

Tea means

Taste and Energy Admitted

Pen means

Power Enriched in Nib

Smile means

Sweet Memories in Lips Expression

etc means

Et Cetera

OK means

Objection Killed

Or means

Orl Korect (Greek Word)

Bye means

Be with you Everytime

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