ASF ASI Solved Past Paper MCQs 2022

Here, you will have ASF ASI Solved Past Paper MCQs 2022. This ASF exam was conducted on 1st April 2022.

ASF ASI Solved MCQs 2022

1_He ( abandoned ) his friends from the party . The word in the bracket is ?
2_Change into indirect . Haris said , ‘ How clever I am ?
*Haris exclaimed that he was very clever*
3_Correct spelling of Adherence ? *Adherence*
4_Synonym of Capitulate .
5_Synonym of Annul ? *Invalidate*
6_Antonym of Chronic ? *Temporary*
7_Antonym of Gradually ?
8_Change voice of who taught you French ?
*By whom were you taught French*
9_Height of Mount Everest in feet ?
10_Diameter of Earth ? *12756 km*
11_Kis Sahabi ne sub se pehle Quran ko ikatha kia ?
*Hazrat Usman RA*
12_Wahi means ? *Revelation*
13_The word Parliment is used for ?
*Both Senate & National Assembly*
14_In Pakistan …. is called majlis shoora ? *President , Senate & National Assembly*
15_In Plants , the pollination carried out by insects is called? *Entomology*
16_Nerve & Muscle damage can be caused due to deficiency of ? *Vitamin C*
17_Number of chromosomes in Monkeys ?
18_When did terrorists attack on ASF ?
19_Begum of Liaqat Ali khan was …. chiefs ? *Organisers*
20_Philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away on ?
*8 July 1916*
21_When did Quaid e Azam inaugurated state bank of Pakistan ?
*01 July 1948*
22_Hazrat Jafar tayyar was martyred in which ghazwa ?
23_Currency of Mongolia
*Mongolian Togrog*
24_Who control air traffic ?
25_How many times Pak won hockey world cup ? *4 times*
26_Planet has no moon ? *Venus*
27_AS Smallest planet ? *Murcury*