Some random MCQs of Assistant Director (MOD) 2021 Past Paper

Here, you will have Some random MCQs of Assistant Director (MOD) 2021 Past Paper conducted today dated 27/06/2021 by Ministry of Defence Pakistan. These Assistant Director (MOD) 2021 Past Paper solved and unsolved Mcqs are taken from various Aspirants. Therefore, mention correction and provide other Mcqs of MOD 2021 if you can.

Solved Assistant Director (MOD) 2021 Past Paper MCQs


Carelessness: accident



Reading comprehension was related to Ricter scale (the easiest part)

Sentence correction:

English 30question
Analytical 30 question

Which surah has bismillah twice? surah namal
Zabur revealed on hazrat dawood
Which prophet was the carpenter hazrat zakaria
Who persuaded quad e azam to join muslim leage ?

First setallite in the world ? Sputnik I
Length of durand line ? Incorrect option was given
Brics countries?
Planet closet to sun?
Inner planets ?
Runner up of psl 2020 ?
CM of Balochistan ? .
Pakistan Turkey latest exercise i guess naval or militry ? Attaturk
Lowari pass connects peshawar with? DIR
Longest river in punjab ? Sutlej
Indus gets into Arabian sea from ?
Shortest sea ?
International human rights day on? 10december
Article 6 of the 1973 constitution deals with ?
High treason
Misaq madina was signed between?
Crips mission was ?
When WHo declared covid19 the pandemic?
11march 2020
ICJ headquarter ? Netherlands
Luck now pact was treaty between ? MUSLIM LEAGUE AND indian national Congress.
Name the missile pakistan tested on 11feb? BABUR
Generator connects ……. into…… energy.
Mechanical to electrical

PM of UK boris johnson.belongs to Conservative party

Bhat is the currency of Thailand.

Trump got …. electoral college votes

Boiling point of water : 373k

Area covered by water 70%

Minister interprovincial coordination dr fehmida mirza

In addition. Eye Retina is Convex
Tashkent declaration was mediated by: Soviets.

Three forms of heat transfer : conduction convection and radiation.

Inner planets of solar system are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

Nearest planet to Sun is Mercury.

Human rights day 10 Dec

Pakistan manufacturers which tanks? Al Khalid

Which motorway can be used in an emergency?
ASHARA Mubashra
Wadu (in which surah)
Coporal punishment Bill date
Agricultural growth according to Pak Economic Survey of 2019-20
Runner up of PSL 5
Ethics related
Due to pollution the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide
The pressure of oxygen when we move higher

Government college became university in 2002

Rest Assistant Director (MOD) 2021 Past Paper was included from current affairs, pakistan affairs, Islamiat about 30 MCQs of each.

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