English Grammar MCQs Set-6

English Grammar MCQs written on a paper
English Grammar MCQs

Here, you will find English Grammar MCQs which are important for all Competitive Exams of Pakistan. Such as CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and UTS Testing agency etc. There English MCQs are made while keeping the trend of testing agencies. English Mcqs for Preparation of Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, and other tests. Here, you can also take Online quiz in English MCQs.

However, Our Main focus is on the MCQs of CSS, PMS and Other Competitive Exams. Furthermore, you can also contribute and Submit MCQs of the recent exam you took.

 21. The students in our school are __________ in other schools.

A. smarter
B. smarter than
C. smarter than those
D. more smarter than

22. The number of web entrepreneurs __________ increasing every year.

A. is
B. are
C. has been
D. have been

23. Write down __________ your name and roll number.

A. both
B. either
C. neither
D. not only

24. Compressed Natural Gas CNG. burns less efficiently than gasoline __________.

A. burn
B. burns
C. should burn
D. would burn

25. Oxygen can be mixed with __________ gasses such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Chlorine.

A. another like
B. another
C. the other
D. other

26. The man __________ wallet was stolen called the police.

A. who
B. whose
C. whom
D. which

27. The market is nearer to them than __________.

A. we
B. our self
C. us
D. ourselves

28. He takes his turn, and she takes __________.

A. her
B. hers
C. herself
D. himself

29. If I had had money, I __________ it yesterday.

A. would purchase
B. would purchased
C. would have purchase
D. would have purchased

30. Umma, accompanied by her brother, __________ at the party.

A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were

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