CSS English Precis 2022 Solved Paper

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Solution of CSS English Precis 2022

The correct answers to the CSS English Precis 2022 Synonyms and Antonyms are given here

Choose the word that is nearly most similar in meaning to the following words

1. The Synonym of QUELL [Précis 2022]

A. Tremble
B. Suppress
C. Alter
D. Hide

2. The Synonym of WREAK [Précis 2022]

A. Smell
B. Soak
C. Twist
D. Inflict

3. The Synonym of PLIANT [Précis 2022]

A. Steady
B. Quick
C. Languid
D. Flexible

4. The Synonym of DRECK [Précis 2022]

A. Trash
B. Uneasiness
C. Decorated
D. Dull

5. The Synonym of DRACONIAN [Précis 2022]

A. Dreary
B. Catchy
C. Harsh
D. Jolly

6. The Synonym of DEBENTURE [Précis 2022]

A. A penny share
B. A short term bond
C. A common fund
D. A long term loan

7. The Synonym of GRITTY [Précis 2022]

A. Sandy
B. Silky
C. Bulky
D. Handy

8. The Synonym of RENASCENT [Précis 2022]

A. Warming again
B. Rising again
C. Falling again
D. Resting again

9. The Synonym of PANACHE [Précis 2022]

B. Verve
C. Ill
D. Nerve

10. QUARRY [Précis 2022]

A. Wall
B. Weakness
C. Verve
D. Prey

Choose the word that is nearly most opposite in meaning to the following words

11. The Antonym of PHILISTINE [Précis 2022]

A. Debutante
B. Novice
C. Pointy
D. Intellectual

12. The Antonym of GERMANE [Précis 2022]

A. Irrelevant
B. Indifferent
C. Impartial
D. Pious

13. The Antonym of PEAKED [Précis 2022]

A. Tired
B. Arrogant
C. Pointy
D. Ruddy

14. The Antonym of DROLL [Précis 2022]

A. Forget
B. Charm
C. Serious
D. Absurd

15. The Antonym of GUMPTION [Précis 2022]

A. Seriousness
B. Apathy
C. Levity
D. Despair

16. The Antonym of RECONDITE [Précis 2022]

A. Manifest
B. Flexible
D. Sociable
C. Provident

17. The Antonym of PROTEAN [Précis 2022]

A. Fickle
B. Unchanging
D. Selective
C. Elaborate

18. The Antonym of ASPERITY [Précis 2022]

A. Moistness
B. Amenity
C. Sour
D. Generosity

19. The Antonym of FLAUNT [Précis 2022]

A. Flourish
B. Flatten
C. Show off
D. Hide

20. The Antonym of WEAN [Précis 2022]

A. Whip
B. Flush
C. Addict
D. Nourish

CSS English Precis 2022 Solved Paper
CSS English Precis 2022 Solved Paper

Sentence Correction of English Précis and composition 2022 Paper

1. *I used to walk two miles to school every morning when I was a child.* (Replace ‘must’ with ‘Used to’, as it shows a past time constant activity).

2. *After the storm, we had to pick up some fallen branches.* (The structure ‘have got’ means present necessity, its past form is only ‘had’ for domenstrating past necessity)

3. *Guitar is more popular instrument among teen age boys than in girls.* (Comparison always takes a comparative degree of adjective)

4. *You are not feeling better, I wish you get well soon.* (Rearrange the relevant parts together).

5. *The grass is not looking green because it has not been raining since last month*. (Erase ‘now’ as it is redundant here because the first part is already about the ongoing present (=now), and Use Present Perfect Progressive Tense in the second part to correct it grammatically and logically)

6. *The cold air made me shiver while I was waiting for him.* (Being shivered cannot be weighed as a little or more, so erase ‘a little’ and replace ‘when’ with ‘while’ as it takes continuous tense to create a logical sense)

7. *I offered my seat to an old woman who just smiled me.* (As there is no comparison, so use ‘old’ to describe the single, old woman).

8. *She packed up her bags, carried them (over) downstairs, and put them on/behind the back seat of her car.* (Prepositional deficiency, and use comma (,) before conjunction ‘and’ as keep a short pause before the last clause)

Preposition of English Précis 2022 Paper

1. *Win out tennis*. (Means to be successful at something)

2. *Bad/worse luck* .. (used to express feelings about sth which you are worried about or you want sth to happen early)

3. *Went by* his own accord. (‘Go by’ phrase means to guide by sth)

4. Be *up for* something. (Compound preposition).

5. *Trip up* the cat… (trip up means to do sth by mistake which you don’t want to)

6. *Look off* the weather… (means not according to the condition given, in negative sense).

7. *Went along* the brow of the hill. (For a road curved in or over the hill)

8. *In ruins* …(=severely damaged or disrupted because of the ongoing event)

Other past will be solved and given here soon, Insha’ALLAH


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