Ministry of Law and Justice LDC solved past paper

Here, you will get Today 05/03/2022 Ministry of Law and Justice LDC solved past paper. This is the LDC paper Ministry of Law and Justice shared by those who have appeared in the said exam.

Solved Ministry of Law and Justice LDC MCQs

English MCQs

Q1: Synanymos of Remote?
Q2: Antonym of Stem?
Q3: He has good over the famous world language?
Q4: Don’t worry. There is nothing to be afraid?
Q5: tick the correct spelling?

General Knowledge MCQs

Q6: The Earth rotates axies from?
West and East
Q7: Cyclones are?
Sudden heavy Floods
Q8: Many animal’s have become endangered species due to?
Q9: The smallest Blood vessel’s are called?
Q10: Healing of wounds is hestened by?
Vit A
Q11: Eskimos are the premative people living in?
North America
Q12: The number OIC member state?

Pakistan Affairs MCQs

Q13: The biggest dam in Pakistan in Generation capacity of hydroelectricity is?
Terbela dam
Q14: Are the major import of Pakistan?
Petroleum products
Q15: M.M Ali Johar Buried in?
Q16: Lucknow pact was adopted by Congress in?
Dec 1916
Q17: Khilafat movement launched in?
Q18: The war of independence Started in Indo Pakistan sub continent in the year?
Here 1857 (but correct 1947)
Q19: Mancher lake is located in which province of Pakistan?

Islamiat MCQs

Q20: Haj is not compeleted unless you go to?
Q21: Surrah Mention Zulqarnain?
Q22: First women embarrassed Islam?
Hazrat Khadija
Q23: Gathered Quranic verse’s in one place?
Hazrat Usman
Q24: Makkah was conquered in?
8 Hijri
Q25: Qurbani observed during Hajj at?
Q26: Quran contains stages?

Subject post related

Q27: Correct spelling?
Q28: from F1 to F12 is a?
Function key
Q29: Changing any appearance of the document is called?
Q30: To refresh the page?
Press F5
Q31: Tool bar that contain small picture is called?
Q32: Undo?
Ctrl Z
Q33: The extension of the Word file is?

Today’s Assistant C&W department Past Paper MCQs

Solved by #Kashif Dahri
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