English Important Prepositions

Here, you will find English Important Prepositions. If you have appeared in competitive exams of Pakistan, you have found such prepositions in many tests for jobs and entry test for the admission of universities and colleges. However, these are very important for the preparation of various exams of CSS, PMS and all other competitive exams. You need to learn, at least, all of these words by heart. Thus, if you have a hold over such 300 significant prepositions, you will use them in your own sentences very easily. So, it is time to allocate some time and learn all these English Important Prepositions by heart.

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English Important Prepositions

Abide by

Absorbed in

Abstain from

Accomplice with

Accused (Somebody) of (Something)

Accustomed to

Addicted to

Adhere to

Admit to/into

Advantage over (Somebody) of (Something)

Advantage of (Something)

Affection for

Afflicted with

Agree to (proposal)

Agree with (a person)about/on (Something)

Aloof from

Alternative to

Amazed at
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Angry with/at (Somebody)

Angry at/about (Something)

Anxious for (Somebody)

Anxious about (Something)

Apologize to (Somebody) for (Something)

Appeal to (Somebody)for (Something)

Appetite for

Approach to

Akin to

Acclimatize to

Apparent to (Somebody)

Apparent from (Something)

Appoint (Somebody) to(Something)

Apply to (Somebody) for (Something)

Appropriate to/for

Approve of

Aptitude for

Ashamed of

Aspire to

Assent to

Associate with

Dissociate from

Assure of

Ask from

Astonished at

Atone for

Attached to

Attend to

Attribute (Something) to (Something/Somebody)

Authority over (power)

Authority on (expert)

Avail (oneself) of (Something)

Averse to

Ban (Noun) on

Ban (Verb) (Somebody)from(Something/doing Something)

Bad at (not good at)

Bad for (harmful)

Believe in

Beneficial to

Benefit by/from

Blame (Somebody/Something)for(Something)

Boast of

Bound for

Burden (Noun) to

Burden (Verb) with

Busy with

Bearing on

Campaign against/for

Capable of

Concern for/about

Careful about/for

Caution about/against

Charge with

Claim on/to

Clash with (Somebody) over (Something)

Collide with

Collude with (Somebody)in(Something)

Comment on

Compare to (to show likeliness)

Compare with (to show contrast)

Compassion for

Compatible with

Compensation for

Compliance with

Compliment on

Comply with

Conducive to

Confide in(trust)

Confide to(tell)

Confidence in

Confident of/about

Confined (Somebody/Something)to(Something)

Conform to

Conformity with

Congenial to

Congratulate (Somebody)on(Something)

Connect (Something)to(Something)

Consent to

Consist of

Contemporary with

Contempt for

Contend with (to have to deal with a problem or difficult situation)

Contend for(to compete against Somebody in order to

Content with

Contrary to

Control over

Connive at/in(Something)

Connive with(Somebody)

Close to

Complain to(Somebody)about/of(Something)

Crash into

Convenient for(Somebody/Something)

Converse with

Convict (Somebody)of(Something)

Cure (Verb) (Somebody)of(Something)

Cure (Noun)for

Concern (Noun)about/for/over

Concerned (adj) about/for/over(worried)

Concerned (adj) about/with (interested in) Deal in(trade)

Deal with (to take appropriate action)

Delight in

Depend on/upon

Deprive (Somebody/Something)of(Something)

Desist from

Destitute of

Detrimental to

Deviate from

Devoid of

Differ from(Somebody/Something)to be Different from Somebody/Something

Differ with(Somebody) about/on/over (Something)to disagree with Somebody

Different from/to/than

Disgusted at/by/with

Dispense with

Dispose of

Die of

Dissent from

Dote on/upon

Double (n)/doubtful (adj) about

Drenched in/with

Decline in/of

Eager for

Eligible for

Engaged ln/on(Something)busy doing Something

Engaged to (Somebody )having agreed to marry Somebody

Enthusiasm for/about

Entrust (Somebody)with (Something)

Entrust (Something)to(Somebody)

Envious/jealous of

Envy at

Entitle/entitlement to

Equal to

Escape from

Essential to/for

Excel at/in

Exception to

Excuse (Somebody) for (Something)forgive

Excuse for (reason)

Exemption from

Expose (Something)to (Somebody)

Encroach on/upon

Expect (Something)from (Somebody)

Fail in

Faith in

Faithful to

Famous for

Fearful for (Somebody)

Fearful of(Something)

Feed/live on(eat)

Fight with(Somebody)about/for (Something)

Fill (Something)with(Something)

Fill in(Something)

Fit/unfit for

Fond of

Fondness for

Free from/of

Frightened at

Full of

Fuss about/over

Fed up with

Glad about (happy)

Glad of (grateful)

Glance at

Good at(able to do Something well) skilful

Good for(suitable) convenient 185grapple with

Grateful to(Somebody)for(Something)

Grief at/over

Grieve for/over

Guard against

Guilty about

Guilty of (having done Something illegal)

Harmful/injurious to

Heir to ( Something)

Heir of (Somebody)

Hint at

Hope for

Hope for/of

Hopeful about/of

Hostile to

Habit of (doing Something)

Identical with

Ignorant about/of

Impact of(Somebody)on(Something/Somebody)

Impose on

Impress (Somebody) with (Something)

Impression on (Somebody)

Impression of (Something)

Impressed with/by

Independent of

Indifferent/callous to

Indispensable to (Somebody/Something)

Indispensable for (doing Something) Infected with

Infer from

Influence over(control)

Influence on/upon(effect)

Inform of

Inquiry about/into

Insight into

Insist on

Insistence on

Interact with

Interaction with (Somebody/Something)

Interaction between (two things or persons) Interested in

Interfere ln (get involved)

Interfere with(prevent)

Invest in

Involved in

Irrelevant to

Irrespective of

Meddle in

Keen on

Kind/cruel to

Lack of

Lacking in

Lament over

Laugh at

Lead to

Leave for(a place)go to

Liable for (legally responsible for paying the cost of)

Liable to(likely to be punished by law for) Listen to

Longing (Noun)/Long (Verb) for

Look/stare/gaze at

Lust for

March on

Married to

Marvel at

Meditate/concentrate on

Mourn for

Nag at

Need/necessity for

Negligent in

Nervous about/of

Notorious for

Obedient to

Object/objection to

Oblige (Somebody)with(Something)

Obliged to(Somebody)for (Something)

Obsession with

Obsessive about

Open to(Somebody/Something)

Opportunity for(Somebody/Something)

Opportunity for/of(doing Something) Part from(leave Somebody)

Part with(to give Something to Somebody else)

Partial to

Partially for(Something)

Passion for

Pertain to

Persist in (doing Something)

Persist in/with(Something)

Pleased with

Pleasing to

Popular with

Pray to(Somebody)for(Something)

Prefer (Somebody/Something) to (Somebody/Something)

Preferable to

Pretext for

Prevail on(persuade)

Prevail over(defeat)

Prevent from

Pride in

Prior to

Prohibit from

Prone to

Proud of

Provide (Somebody) with (Something)

Provide (Something)for(Somebody)

Pessimistic about

Positive about

Quarrel about(Something)

Quarrel with(Somebody)

Ready for

Reconcile to (Something)

Reconcile (Something) with (Something)

Recover (Verb) from

Recovery (Noun)from

Refer to

Reference to

Rejoice at/over

Related to

Rely on

Remind of

Remorse for

Request for

Resemblance to

Resolve on

Responsible for (Something)

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