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  • Our team will facilitate you to choose your optionals subjects while keeping in view each and everything intact.
  • If you want, we will also help you out while buying books for your Compulsory Subjects, and also in some of the optionals subjects where we are capable to assist you.
  • Once a month, you can also send and check your English Passage i.e Essay, Precis or Composition with our Qualified team members who are currently serving as KPK PMS Officers.
  • You can join our WhatsApp groups free of cost.
  • We will provide such materials meanwhile your exam preparation which will be really beneficial for you.
  • If you need other guidance for one paper MCQs, you will also be supported.
  • All in all, we can assure you that we will NOT let your this amount of money wasted.

WHERE ONE GIVES TO ACADEMIES 70k – 90K for guidance, You would be capable to get such support with a very minimal amount here Insha’ALLAH. You know, a qualifier may support you in this journey, whose attitude is always talking with a sky, who may very easily take you for granted also but yet everyone is ready to pay them.
However, a failure of CSS Exam is very humble who understants the pain of CSS Exam’s fiascos and knows far more than a qualifier because he has attempted such an exam thrice. What didn’t work in his case, may work in yours? So, our team has also such well-experienced people whose luck didn’t favour them in their CSS journey.

Therefore, if you comply with our terms and condition, and agree with the paid user benefits. Please get registered yourself now, HERE