Cultural History Important MCQs in pdf

Here, you will have Cultural History Important MCQs in pdf. These MCQs of History Of Subcontinent Cultural can also be downloaded in PDF which is given at the end of this document.

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Cultural History Important MCQs in pdf
Cultural History Important MCQs in pdf

Cultural History Important MCQs in pdf

1.      Amir khusro’s name is associated with the invention of   Sitar
2.      The most famous court poet of Akbar was    Abdur Rahim Kahn-I Khanah
3.      Which Mughal ruler is called “ Prince of Builders”  Shah Jahan
4.      Sculpture of the Gandhra school reflect the influence of the   Greeks
5.      Which of the following was built by Akbar  Agra Fort
6.      The Red Fort of Dehli was built by   Shah Jahan
7.      The Mughal painting reached its zenith during the reigon of   Jahangir
8.       Ghandhra School of Art was established in   North Western India
9.      Taxila was famous site of   Ghandhra Art
10.   The structure of Qutub Minar was completed by   Iltumish
11.   A famous history book in india was written in the 11th century by   Alberuni
12.   Which sufi saint’s dargah is at Ajmer  Muinuddin Chishti
13.   Ghandhra School of Art developed dusring the time of   Kushans
14.   Baland Darwaza is situated in   Fatehpur Sikri
15.   Nishat Garden was built by   Jahangir
16.   Whio built Charminar  Quli Qutub Shah
17.   Baland Darwaza built by Akbar, is to commemorate the victory of   Gujrat
18.   The mausoleum of Sher Shah is at   Sasaram
19.   Who among the following rulers banned music and Dancing  Aurangzeb
20.   Who among the following was great musician in the court of Akbar  Tanseen
21.   Fathepur Sikri was founded by   Akbar
22.   Jama Masjid Dehli was built by   Shah Jahan
23.   Which of the following forts built by Akbar Lahore fort, Allahabad fort, Agra fort, All of these
24.   Purana Qila, Dehli was constructed dusring the reigon of   Huamyun
25.   The tomb of Babur is at   Kabul
26.   Qutub Minar was built by   Qutubuddin Aibak
27.   Jahangr Mahal is located in   Agra Fort
28.   The city of agra was founded by   Sikandar Lodhi
29.   The account pf Babur’s life ( Tuzuk-i-Baburi) was written in   Turki
30.   The mansabdari system was introduced b   Akbar
31.   The capital of Mughal empire was shifted from Agra to Dehli by   Shah Jahan
32.   The Peacock Throne was made for   Shah Jahan
33.   The East India Company was founded in the india durinh the region of   Jahangir
34.   The Sikh Guru who was fought Mughals was   Guru Gobind Singh
35.   The Mughal empire in india was founded by   Zahir ud din Babur
36.   When Akbar was young, his guardian was   Bairam Khan
37.   The two Mughals rulers who wrote their own memoris are   Babur and Jahngir
38.   The court language of the Mughals was   Persian
39.   Who founded Din e Ilahi  Akbar
40.   Babur kaid the foundation of Mughal empire in 152y defeating   Ibraham Lodhi
41.   Din e ilahi was accepted by   Bribal
42.   Babur won the first Batlle of Panpit mainly because of   His Military Skills
43.   The “Jaziya” was abolished by   Akbar
44.   Who introduced currency system in first time   Sher Shah Suri
45.   Which Mughal emperor was the most seculer in outlook  Akbar
46.   Where did Babur die  Agra
47.   Whoi installed the “chain of justice”   Jahangir
48.   Before the rise of Ranjit singh, Punjab was under the control of   Marathas
49.   In 1809 Maharaj Ranjit Singh signed a treaty with   East India Company
50.   Sher shah’s real name was Farid Khan

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Cultural History Important MCQs in pdf