CSS General knowledge MCQs

Here, you can find CSS important General knowledge MCQs. These CSS General knowledge MCQs are taken from various previous GK portion of the tests.

CSS General knowledge MCQs

Q.1 In which year Jasmine was choosen as the national Flower of Pakistan ?

a. 1960

b. 1961✅

c. 1962

d. 1963

Q.2 Surah Rehman is in which Parra ?

a. 26

b. 27✅

c. 28

d. 29

Q.3 On the bank of which river Harappa is located ?

a. Sutlaj

b. Chenab

c. Ravi✅

d. Jehlium

Q.4 He is died ____ Malaria ?

a. Of✅

b. For

c. In

d. To

Q.5 Which country has 11 official languages ?

a. South Aftica✅

b. North Afirca

c. Austrilia

d. Denmark

Q.6 When first battle of paniput held ?

a. 1526✅

b. 1556

c. 1566

d. 1767

Q.7 Year of cripps mission in India ?

a. 1942✅

b. 1944

c. 1945

d. 1946

Q.8 Date of Ghazwae Uhad ?

a. 1 Shaban 3 hijra

b. 2. Shaban 3 hijra

c. 3. Shaban 3 hijra✅

d. 4. Shaban 3 hijra

Q.9 World largest meusium located in ?

a. London

b. Newyork

c. Pairs

d. Washington D.C

Q.10 Which sports ground has dimond shape ?

a. Snow hockey

b. Tanis

c. Polo

d. Base ball✅

Q.11 Total area of FATA ?

a. 74521

b. 13785

c. 27220 ✅

d. 13987

Q.12 Tomb of baba bulleh shah ?

a. Uch

b. Kasur ✅

c. Multan

d. Lahore

Q.13 Which articule of constitution deals with labour and slavry ?

a. Article 9

b. Articule 11 ✅

c. Articule 13

d. Article 15

Q.14 How many basic principal organs of United Nations ?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6 ✅

d. 7

Q.15. Head Qurter of SARRC ?

a. Dhaka

b. Moscow

c. Nepal ✅

d. Kabul

Q.16 Ghazwae Tabook fought aganist ?

a. Quresh

b. Jews

c. Chirstans

d. Romans✅

Q.17 Book “Jinnah of Pakistan” is written by ?

a. Ch Rehmat Ali

b. Betrend Russel

c. Stanly wolperd ✅

d. Amar Jalil

Q.18 65 is international calling code of ?

a. Singapur ✅

b. UAE

c. Azerbaijan

d. Spain

Q.19 How many planats in our soler system ?

a. 7

b. 8 ✅

c. 9

d. 10

Plato is not the part of it

20. Currnt chairman of CPEC ?

a. Asim Saleem Bajwa ✅

b. Iqbal Bajwa

c. Qamer Javeed Bajwa

d. Javeed Jahangir Bajwa