Most Important ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-5 (401 to 500)

Here, you can study English ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-5 (401 to 500) For CSS, PMS and All Other competitive Exams. In KPPSC exams tests, there are even ten of such words MCQs. Therefore, for such students, it becomes the need of the hour to learn and revise these Words and their Substitutions. They will also be helpful for English vocabulary.

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-5 (401 to 500)

401 Succession of rulers belonging to one family Dynasty
402 Take great pleasure Revel
403 Tending to move away from the centre or axis Centrifugal
404 That which can be believed Credible
405 That which cannot be avoided Inevitable
406 That which cannot be called back Irrevocable
407 That which cannot be defeated Invincible
408 That which cannot be easily read Illegible
409 That which is perceptible by touch is Tangible
410 That which is without opposition Unanimous
411 That which lasts for a short time Transitory
412 The absence of law and order Anarchy
413 The act of killing a king Regicide
414 The act of killing one’s wife Uxoricide
415 The act of killing whole group of people, especially a whole race Genocide
416 The act of speaking about one’s thoughts when one is alone Soliloquy
417 The action of looking within or into one’s own mind Introspect
418 The art of delaying Procrastination
419 The art of making maps and charts Cartography
420 The art of preserving skin of animals, birds and fish Taxidermy
421 The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the old Geriatrics
422 The conference that takes place once in three year Triennial
423 The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of death Transmigration
424 The essential or characteristic customs , habits and conventions of a society or community Mores
425 The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion Fusillade
426 The first model of a new device Prototype
427 The first public speech delivered by a person Maiden speech
428 The first speech made by a person Maiden
429 The height of object above sea level Altitude
430 The line where the land and sky seems to meet Horizon
431 The murder of parents or near relative Parricide
432 The part of government which is concerned with making of rules Legislature
433 The plant and vegetation of a region Flora
434 The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence Imperialism
435 The practice of having many wives Polygamy
436 The practice of submitting a proposal to popular vote Referendum
437 The practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food Gastronomy
438 The process by which a person or an organization reduces the amount of money it spends Budgeting
439 The process by which plants and animals breathe Respiration
440 The process of deciding the nature of disease by examination Diagnosis
441 The production of raw silk Sericulture
442 The quality of being politely firm and demanding Assertive
443 The scientific study of elections Psephology
444 The study of ancient civilization Archaeology
445 The study of birds Ornithology
446 The study of plant life Botany
447 The study of religion and religious ideas and beliefs Theology
448 The study of the origin and history of words Etymology
449 The study of worms and insects Entomology
450 The study or collection of coins Numismatics


451 The study or practice of dancing or composing ballets Choreography
452 The use of many words where only a few are necessary Circumlocution
453 The worship of idols or images Idolatry
454 Theft of another person’s writings or ideas and passing them off as one’s own Plagiarism
455 Thing that can be felt or touched Palpable
456 Those who do malicious damage Saboteurs
457 Through which light cannot pass Opaque
458 To accustom oneself to a foreign climate Acclimatise
459 To bite like a rat Gnaw
460 To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battle Deploy
461 To confirm with the help of evidence Corroborate
462 To cut something into two pieces Sever
463 To destroy completely Annihilate
464 To die without having made a will Intestate
465 To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings Introspection
466 To free completely from blame Exonerate
467 To have a very high opinion about oneself Conceited
468 To injure one’s reputation Defame
469 To look at someone in an angry or threatening way Glower
470 To mediate between two parties in a dispute Intercede
471 To officially take private property away to seize Confiscate
472 To play the part of and function as, some other person Impersonate
473 To reduce to nothing Null
474 To remove an objectionable part from a book Expurgate
475 To renounce a high position of authority or control Abdicate
476 To secretly store more than what is allowed Hoard


To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination or demand something  


478 To slap with a flat object Swat
479 To struggle helplessly Flounder
480 To supply land with water by artificial means Irrigate
481 To take back, withdraw or renounce Recant
482 To walk with slow or regular Steps is to Pace
483 To write under a different name Pseudonym
484 Too much official formality Red-tapism
485 Tough tissues in joints Ligaments
486 Trouble and annoy continually Harass
487 Unfair advantages for members of one’s own family Nepotism
488 Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something Coercion
489 Very dramatic Histrionic
490 Very pleasing to eat Palatable
491 Violation of something holy and sacred Sacrilege
492 Wild and noisy disorder Pandemonium
493 With much liveliness and a sense of purpose Jauntily
494 Without risk of punishment Impunity
495 Word that reads the same as backward or forward Palindrome
496 Words inscribed on a tomb Epitaph
497 Words uttered impiously about God Blasphemy
498 Write or carve words on stone or paper Inscribe
499 Written law of a legislative body Statute
500 Yearly celebration of a date or an event Anniversary

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