English Grammar MCQs Set-2

English Grammar MCQs written on a paper
English Grammar MCQs

Here, you will find English Grammar MCQs which are important for all Competitive Exams of Pakistan. Such as CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and UTS Testing agency etc. There English MCQs are made while keeping the trend of testing agencies. English Mcqs for Preparation of Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, and other tests. Here, you can also take Online quiz in English MCQs.

However, Our Main focus is on the MCQs of CSS, PMS and Other Competitive Exams. Furthermore, you can also contribute and Submit MCQs of the recent exam you took.

11. She __________ for the upcoming tennis tournament.

A.  trains

B.   is training

C.   will train

D.  is going to train

12. I __________ Afghanistan next year.

A.  go

B.   will go

C.   am going

D.  am going to

13. There are some vacant rooms __________ in flats and shared houses.

A.  both

B.   between

C.   either

D.  neither

14. The sun rises __________ the east.

A.  in

B.   on

C.   from

D.  towards

15. Nitrogen gas is in abundance __________ the Earth.

A.  in

B.   on

C.   above

D.  along

16. I was watching a TV program when he ______ in.

A.  walk

B.   walks

C.  walked

D.  was walking

17. We are planning ________ out to dinner tonight.

A.  taking our guests

B.   guests to take

C.   guests taking

D.  to take our guests

18. She took lessons __________ how to swim.

A.  learn

B.   for learning

C.  to learn

D.  learning

19. The class teacher _____  Anna move to another chair.

A.  allows

B.   allowed

C.  let

D.  permitted

20. He devotes much of his time __________ for the future.

A.  to planning

B.   to plan

C.   plan

D.  planning