Pakistan Affairs General Important MCQs

Here, you will learn Pakistan Affairs General Important MCQs. These Pakistan Affairs General knowledge MCQs are often asked in various tests of FPSC, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC and NTS etc. Therefore, you are preparing for the entry test of any test of Pakistan. Then must prepare these Pakistan Affairs General Important MCQs

General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS

General Knowledge Important MCQs of Pakistan Affairs

Question 1: total coastline of Pakistan?
Answer: 1046km
Question 2: The cheapest source of energy?
Answer: solar
Question 3: killer mountain?
Answer: Nanga Parbat
Question 4: Baran river flows in?
Answer: Sindh
Question 5: Ghazwa abwa is also known?
Answer: widdan
Question 6: Najeebullah tittle of?
Answer: Hazrat Yahya (A.S)
Question 7: Death of Akbar?
Answer: 1605
Question 8: shalimar bagh made in?
Answer: 1643 by (shahjan)
Question 9: incident of Khanpur?
Answer: 1913
Question 10: capital of Angola?
Answer: Luanda
Question 11: city of colleges?
Answer: Lahore
Question 12: the largest desert of Pakistan?
Answer: Thar ( Sindh)
Question 13: SCO shanghai cooperation organization found in?
Answer: April 26 1996
Question 14: AMF stand for?
Answer: Arab monetary fund
Question 15: When Azad Kashmir got independence?
Answer: 24oct 1947
Question 16: Cripps mission?
Answer: 1942
Question 17: Governor of Balochistan?
Answer: (R) judge Amanullah khan
Question 18: Mirpur report was established?
Answer: 1938
Question 19: The deepest lake in the world?
Answer: Baikal
Question 20: capital of Palestine?
Answer: Ramallah
Question 21: Hazrat Hamza embraced islam?
Answer: 4th nabvi
Question 22: founder of chemistry?
Answer: jabbir bin Hayyan
Question 23: Headquarter of ECO?
Answer: Tehran (iran)
Question 24: father of english poetry?
Answer: Geffery chancer
Question 25: Man of the Destiny?
Answer: Nepoloen
Question 26: The largest living bird is?
Answer: Ostrich
Question 27: who invented the hydrogen bomb?
Answer: Samuel cohen
Question 28: Treaty of hudaibiyah?
Answer: 6hijri
Question 29: which book is called Gospel?
Answer: Injeel
Question 30: Naples is seaport of ?
Answer: italy
Question 31: Boundry line b/w india & china?
Answer: Mcmohan line
Question 32:first space satellite was laughed by pak in?
Answer: 1990
Question 33: G.T road was built by?
Answer: Sher shah suri
Question 34: The most populated city is?
Answer: Tokyo
Question 35: length of pak & china border?
Answer: 595km
Question 36: Taipei is the capital of?
Answer: Taiwan
Question 37: The first viceroy of India was?
Answer: lord canning
Question 38: The kargil tragey?
Answer: 1999
Question 39: Nadir shah invaded India?
Answer: 1739
Question 40: farz of hajj?
Answer: 3
Question 41: The first source of shariah?
Answer: Quran
Question 42: Savak is a secret agency of?
Answer: Iran
Question 43: Neelam valley is located in?
Answer: Azad Kashmir
Question 44: shaheen missile is?
Answer: surface to surface
Question 45: which is called peninsula?
Answer: Saudi Arabia
Question 46: the oldest barrage of Pakistan?
Answer: Sukkur barrage (1932)
Question 47: construction of taj mahal?
Answer: 1647
Question 48: Government of india act enacted?
Answer: 1935
Question 49: capital of Indonesia?
Answer: Jakarta
Question 50: the literal meaning of Qiyas?
Answer: Judging

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