What are the Duties and Functions of a Tehsildar

These are the Duties and Functions of a Tehsildar in Asian Countries like that of Pakistan.

Duties and Functions of a Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar

  1. They enjoy the powers of Executive Magistrate, Assistant Collector and Sub Registrar/Joint Sub Registrar.
  2. He is the Incharge of tehsil Revenue Agency and is responsible for proper preparation and maintenance of tehsil Revenue Record and Revenue Accounts.
  3. He is also responsible for recovery of government dues under the various Acts.
  4. He is supposed to have proper control over the working of Patwaris and Kanungos and for this purpose the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildars make inspection of patwaris and kanungos working under them.
  5. Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildar in fact are called Revenue officers holding separate circles In Tehsil and Sub Tehsil, as and when Treasury Officers are not posted, then the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar work as Treasury Officer in addition to their own duties..
  6. Besides enjoying powers under a few other land laws, they also attest uncontested mutations.
  7. Tehsildar is further empowered to hear partition cases and to make allotment/transfer and auction of evacuee properties, land8. Collection of govt dues like
  • Abiana
  • Agriculture tax
  • Land tax
  • Usher
  • Local rate
  • Stamp duty- mutation fee
  • Arrears
  • Attestation of mutations
  • Inspection of khasra girdawari
  • Inspection of revenue records
  • Disposal of partion cases
  • Execution of court decrees
  • Other inquiries
  • Domicile attestation
  • Special duties for flood, earthquake etc
  • Duties in census
  • Duties in elections