KPPSC Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar 2020 Past Paper Solved MCQs

Here, you will find Today 27/11/2020 KPPSC Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar 2020 Past Paper Solved MCQs. This test was conducted by KPPSC Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar at 10 am. As there are shared by candidates who appear in the said post, therefore, some mistakes might be expected. So corrections are welcome.

Solved MCQs of KPPSC Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar 2020

1. Opposite of exotic? conventional
2. Opposite of haughty? humble
3. Opposite of commend? censure
4. Opposite of blatant? silent or quiet
5. Opposite of vigour ? frailty
6. Opposite of obsolete? New
7. Opposite of mitigate? aggravate
8. Meaning of callous? insensitive
9. Meaning of felicity? happy(option)
10. Meaning of odious? hateful
11. Meaning of appease? Overcome or allay
12. Meaning of morose? gloomy
13 meaning of accomplice? friend in crime
14. Intifada means? uprising
15. Capital of Ukraine? Kiev
16. Head quarters of Arab league? Cairo
17. By leaps and bounds means? very fast
18. To flog a dead horse means? to do the act of impossible
19. To turn corner means? to overcome option
20. One who solve disputes is called? arbiter
21. One who is talkative is called? garrulous
22. National council is the parliament of? Monaco
23. Bangladesh parliament is called? Jatiya Sangsad
24. A state which pays less tax than the other is called? dont knw
25. Which country has highest GDP per capita? Luxembourg
26. Which country appears as a long shoe on map? Italy
27. Which ship accident was the worst accident? Titanic
28. Capital of Figi? Suva
29. Ankara is the new name of? Angora
30. Country with highest life expectant rate? Honkong
31. Country with largest crud oil resources? Venezuela
32. Country with largest natural gas resources? Russia
33. Kargil is situated at? In northern India held Kashmir
34. The line in kashmir is called? Between azad and jammu kashmir. Line of control (Loc)
35. Durand line was established by Durand and.. ? Abdur Rehman
36. Great wall is famous for? oldest
37. No of SEATO members? 8
38. Recent member of ASEAN? dnt know
39. Belgrade is the capital of? serbia
40. Euro is the currency of   Malta, Germany, Finland? All
41. Kyat is the currency of? Myanmar
42. Kathmandu is the capital of? Nepal
43. Continent with low population other than Antarctica is? Australia
44. Sikan tunnel is famous for? seabed railway tunnel in Japan.
45. Capital of Bolivia is? Lapaz
46. Nicaragua is distinguished in US as?
47. opposit Meaning of spurious? genuine
48. First man to step on moon? Neil Alden Armstrong
49. To bear in mind means? to remember.
50. Meaning of Coherence? connection
51.  At daggers drawn(of two people) be bitterly hostile towards each other.

NOTE: These MCQs are shared by those who took the test of KPPSC Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar 2020  MCQs. Therefore, some errors may be found. So, write the correct answer in the comment box below, if you are sure about the correct answer.

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