KPPSC PMS Original MCQs 2016 Solved Past Papers of Screening Test

Here, you will find Original MCQs of KPPSC PMS 2016 Solved Past Papers of Screening Test. These KPPSC PMS Solved Past Papers of Screening Test 2016 are necessary to prepare for the upcoming PMS Screening test MCQs. For PMS KPK Written Exam, preparation for an MCQs based test is necessary to get a good score and becomes eligible for the next phase of the PMS KPK Exam. 

Thus, the Preparation of the past papers is the crux that should not be denied. These MCQs are also available for download which is given at the end of this paper.

Solved MCQs of  KPPSC PMS 2016 Past Papers of Screening Test

1, The tribe which broke the treaty with the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the battle of Trench was

    1. Banu Hashim
    2. Banu Mustaliq
    3. Banu Aas
    4. Banu Quraizah


2. Muslim Ladies went to the battle field to give water to the soldiers and nurse the wounded in the battle of

    1. Badr
    2. Ohad
    3. Hunain
    4. Khandaq


3. What is the meanings of Sariyya?

  1. A poetess
  2.  A famous Arabian saint
  3.  A battle not attended by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  4.  Secret treaties of the Munafeqeen


4. Hajj Mabroor means;

    1. Hajj without sacrifice
    2. Accepted Hajj
    3. Complete Hajj
    4. None of these

5. Which Ghazwa is named as Furqan?

    1. Hunain
    2. Badar
    3. Ohad
    4. Khandaq


6. Who has explained that Jihad consists of not only using the sword even when a Muslim uses his tongue for protecting against the atrocities of tyrants is waging Jihad?

    1. Prophet Muhammad(SAWS)
    2. Hazrat Omer (RA)
    3. Hazrat Abubakar (RA)
    4. None of these


7. How many camels are liable for Zakat?

    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 5
    4. None of these


8. Typical way of wearing the Hajj dress is called:

    1. Iqtada
    2. Istalam
    3. Ihram
    4. Istimam


9. Which of the following can also be called illegitimate?

    1. Makruh-i- Tanzihi
    2. Makruh-i-Tehrimi
    3. Mubah
    4. Mustahab


10. Injunction of utilization of Zakat is in:

    1. Surah Maida
    2. Surah Baqara
    3. Surah Nisa
    4. Surah Tuaba


11 Fast (Saum) in the month of Ramadan was made obligatory in:

    1. 2 AH
    2. 3 AH
    3. 4 AH
    4. 6 AH


12. Mention the tribe of Hazrat Omar (RA) from which he belonged:

    1. Aad
    2. Adi
    3. Quariza
    4. Nazeer


13. In the first ever Hajj in Islam (9 AH), its Ameer was:

    1. Aqba bin Amir (RA)
    2. Abu Bakar (RA)
    3. Salman Farsi (RA)
    4. Anas (RA)


14. Hazrat Mohammad (SAWS) was born about three thousand years after:

    1. Ibrahim (AS)
    2. Ismail (AS)
    3. Essa (AS)
    4. Adam (AS)


15. Which country is known as the “Land of Prophet”?

    1. Iraq
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. Palestine
    4. Syria


16. Hazrta Hadija (RA) born all the children of the Prophet (SAWS) except

    1. Fatima (RA)
    2. Ruqiyyah (RA)
    3. Abdullah (RA)
    4. Ibrahim (RA)


17. The first Wahi consisted of

    1. 3 verses
    2. 4 verses
    3. 5 verses
    4. None of these


18. Who was appointed by the Prophet (SAWS) to write down the revelations?

    1. Abdullah bin Masud (RA)
    2. Zyed bin Sabit (RA)
    3. Ali bi Abu Talib (RA)
    4. Saeed bin Zaid (RA)


19. What is the literal meaning of Ijtihad?

    1. Look into
    2. Strive
    3. Feasibility
    4. None of these


20. Analogy is the synonym of

    1. Ijtihad
    2. Qiyas
    3. Ijma
    4. Sunnah

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