Past Paper Appraising officer Original Solved MCQs FPSC Batch 1

Here, you will find Today FPSC Test Appraising and Valuation Officer Batch 1 Some Solved MCQs which was conducted by FPSC today on 25th Sept, 2020.

Please that these MCQs are shared by users therefore some incorrect information and not right answer can be anticipated.

Today’s Valuation officer MCQs Batch-1:

  1. 7/7*7/14*7/21*7/28*7/35=? 1/120
  2. Sum of odd numbers from 1 to 100=? 2500
  3. a% of b=30 what is value of b? 3000/a
  4. What is arithmetic mean of a,b if 1/c -1/b=1/a and ab=c? 1
  5. What is harmonic mean if arithmetic mean and geometric mean are 3 and 5 respectively?
  6. If Ali’s salary is 25% more that Ahmad’s salary then how more is Ali’s salary than Ahmad?
  7. Total number of teachers and number of female teachers are given.Find percentage of male teachers?
  8. √x^2 +4 =? (x+2)(x-2) (x+2) (x+2)^2 None of these
  9. Number of Makki Surahs in Qur’an=?86
  10. Number of rukuh in Qur’an=?540
  11. Torait revealed on? Moses
  12. Bible revealed on? Jesus
  13. Companion of Hazrat Muhammad SAW whose name is mentioned in Qur’an? Hazrat Zaid bin Harith
  14. Who translated Holy Qur’an in Urdu for the first time?
  15. At what age Hazrat Prophet SAW went to Syria with his uncle? 12 years
  16. Qur’an means? To read more To praise one
  17. What is the name of Imam Bukhari? Muhammad Bin Ismaeel
  18. “Lion of Allah” is title of? Hazrat Ali Murtaza (R.A)
  19. Who wrote first Wahi?
  20. When Qasem Solemani was assassinated? 3 January 2020
  21. When citizenship article amendment made in Kashmir?
  22. Capital of Austria? Vienna
  23. China India dispute occurred at which lake? Ladakh lake
  24. Who declared WHO as puppet of China? Trump
  25. What are the post effects of Coronavirus mentioned by Choamsky? Nuclear war and global warming
  26. First missile of PAKISTAN? Hatf
  27. PIDC stands for? Pakistan Industrial development corporation
  28. Where Imran Khan gave an historic speech in 74th session? UN
  29. In how much time NATO and US will withdraw troops from Afghanistan? 14 months
  30. When constitution of 1973 became effective?14 August 1973
  31. Jamal khashogi was a journalist of ? The Washington Post
  32. Function of Islamic revolutionary guard corps is to defend? Iran Revolution
  33. Which Mughal empire included Kashmir in Mughal empire? Akbar
  34. Bastile day in France is celebrated in memory of?
  35. Which gurduwara was attacked in Afghanistan? Kabul gurduwara
  36. Whose death in Herminder grieved Sikhs? Yadavindra singh
  37. Role of national assembly in interim period?
  38. Central legislative body of Pakistan
  39. When the current PM of Spain was elected? 2018
  40. Which African American was killed in America in 2019?George Floyd
  41. Moenjo daro is located in which district?Larkana district
  42. First deputy destrict judge in UK who wear headscarf?Raffia Arshad
  43. News reporters are not allowed in Kashmir since date?
  44. When UK left European Union?
  45. WHO said that “Coronavirus can reactivate and a second wave can come.” Who gave this statement?Dr. Mike Ryan
  46. How to save word file with new name? Go to file then save as
  47. Extension for word document? .doc
  48. What is inavlid data type in excel? Time
  49. Sybmol used to start formula in excel? =
  50. How to write range if formula span multiple rows? E1:E12
  51. Which is not provided in MS office package? Teams
  52. Shortcut key to open fonts?
  53. Shortcut key for find and replace?
  54. Shortcut key to insert hyperlink?
  55. Which text graphics is provided by default in word? WordArt
  56. Ctrl+A is used in MS word for? To select all the text in a document
  57. Minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word? 1 and 1
  58. Spreadsheet can be opened in? Excel

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