Where Quad Summit 2022 took place?

A. China
B. Japan
C. India
D. Australia

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Correct Answer: B. Japan

Quad Summit 2022

The leaders of the Quad nations which include Australia, India, Japan, and the United States met on May 24, 2022 in Tokyo (Japan) for the fourth time and the second time in person.

Members of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)

There are four(4) members of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)  which includes

  1. Australia
  2. India
  3. Japan
  4. United States

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, is a strategic security dialogue among Australia, India, Japan, and the United States that is maintained by talks between member countries. QUAD is Known as the ‘Quadrilateral Security Dialogue’ (QSD), the Quad is an informal strategic forum comprising four nations, namely- United States of America (USA), India, Australia and Japan. One of the primary objectives of the Quad is to work for a free, open, prosperous and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.

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