Assistant Director (AD NAB) FPSC Solved Original Papers MCQs of All Batches 1, 2 and 3

In FPSC Assistant Director (AD NAB) paper have the following categories

  • 20 questions from English grammar

  • 20 questions from mathematics

  • 20 questions from NAB ordinance

  • 40 question were from Pakistan affairs, current affairs, Islamic studies.

Here, you will Assistant Director (AD NAB) FPSC Solved Original Papers MCQs of All Batches 1, 2 and 3. AD NAB FPSC solved paper Batch 1 held on 23rd September 2020 10:00 Am. And Download other FPSC past papers of Assistant Director in National Accountability Bureau 2020 sept along with the answer keys.

 AD NAB solved paper 2020

1.Prince William visited Pakistan in? October 2019
2. Name the World youngest Prime Minister? Sana Marrin Finland
3. Total worth of Defence budget in the Financial Year 2020-21? 1289 Billion Pak Rupees
4. Army chief of Pakistan extended-term? 3 years
5. Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of  Pakistan before Asif Saeed Khosa? Mian Saqib Nisar
6. Which country fired missiles on USA troops in Iraq? Iran
7. Peace agreement of Muslim countries with Israel? UAE
8. Total verses in surah Ikhlas? 4
9. Surah Naas arrangement number? 114
10. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH birth year? 570
11 Name the Last ghazwa? Ghazwa-e-Tabuk
12 Title of Saif Ullah? Khalid Ibn-al-Walid
13 Shimla conference ended in which year? 1945
14 One unit was abolished in which year? 1970
15. Which country left EU on March 2020? Ans. None of these (UK)

16. Kitab ul Umm is written by Whom? Shafi

17. In the Christ church incident how many Pakistanis martyred? 9 pak
18. Who is the current Secretary-General of  OIC?  Yousef Al Othaimeen
19. Worth of IMF loan? 6 Billion US Dollars
20. Book of Zoroastrianism? Avista
21. Sahih Bukhari is written by? Imam Bukhari.
22. Kamyab jawan program total amount allocated? 100 Billion
23. Un declared 2020 as? International year of plant health
24. Who replaced Asif Saeed Khosa? Justice Gulzar
25. Mali declared the most dangerous country by? Peacekeeping Mission
26. Simla Deputation lead by? Sir Agha khan
28. Female longest spaceflight? Christina
29. Ayyudhia dispute temple? Ram Janam Bhoomi
30. Who is the Current PM of the UK? Boris Johnson
31. Which country is the world Largest Arms Importer? Saudi Arabia
32. US warned PIA over the issue of ?

AD NAB solved paper Batch II 2020

1. Prince William visit to Pakistan
2. Sana marrin belongs to
3. Defence budget?
4. Army chief extended term
5. CJ of Pakistan before khosa
6. Which country fired missiles on USA troops in
7. Peace agreement of muslim countries with Israel
8. Total verses in surah Ikhlas
9. Surah Naas arrangement number
10.Holy Prophet PBUH birth year
11 last ghazwa
12 title of saif ullah
13 Shimla conference ended in
14 one unit abolished in

General knowledge MCQs of NAB batch 1.

1.After merging Fata how many seats in kpk assembly
2. How many years extension given to Army chief.
3.which country left EU in March 2020.
4. Country biggest arms importer
5.Ayodhye dispute of india name of temple
6.after israel and Egypt which other two countries signed agreement
7. UK pm is?
8.which country attack with missiles on US base in Iraq
9.why US aviation forbade it’s airlines to fly in Pakistan
10.plant health declared by which international organisation
11.which country requested unsc meeting in close doors on 18 Dec 2019.
12.Youngest pm Sana belongs to which country
13.OIC Secretary General
14.prince William visited Pakistan date
15.Mali is declared dangerous by which international organisation
16.Pm azad kashmir
17.who replaced Justice Asif saeed khoso many Pakistani killed in church attack
19.simla deputation led by
20.simla conference date
21.17th amendment date
22.second governor general Pakistan unit abolished year
24.Pm IK allocated how much budget to kamyab jawan loan
25.2019/20 defence budget
26.IMF will pay how much to Pakistan within 3 years
27. Who is governor state Bank
28.Birth date of Holy prophet (pbuh). of last Gazwa battle of muttah who was given title of saifullah
31.Zoroastrian Holy book name
32.sahi bukhari is implied by
33.kittabul um is title of which person
34.value of zakat on silver
35.surah ikhlas contains how many verses
36.the oder number of surah al alaq first revealed in Holy Quran
37.Maternal side in arabic word
38.which country restored its airline service in Pakistan after 10 years
39.Who Youngest PM of a country ?
40. 17th amendment date?
41. Extended tenure of Army chief?
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NAB ordinance questions in batch 1.

1.president can make rules under which section
2.Arrest section 24 or 24 A
3.chairman NAB can be removed under which section.
4.code year 1898.
5.Nominee,receiver are termed benamidar or associates or both.
6.chairman NAB is appointed through which section 5e
7.Accountability court judge is appointed by whome.
8.conditions to appoint Accountability judge
9.deputy chairman NAB performs under which section.
10.prosecutor general Accountability is appointed by whome.
12.corruption and corrupt practices which section many years of Vigorous punishment of corruption
14.freezing of property is under which section
15.witness is protected under which section
16.Disqualification to hold public office for how many years.
17.Transfer of cases is under which section
18.bonus to NAB employees is under which section
19.section 26 is for?
20 how many years of imprisonment for prohibitions to hamper investigation

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