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CSS & PMS Whatsapp Latest Groups 2021 & 2021

If you’re looking for PAST PAPERS OF CSS SOLVED then join these groups.
Description WhatsApp Groups are platforms, where you can find the latest and Past Papers MCQs of CSS, PMS & All Other Competitive Exams. Here, we collect, organize and present Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) which is always asked in CSS and all other Competitive Exams. “`

But please note that

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Furthermore, more than two groups are strickly prohibited.

CSS Whatsapp group links 2021 & 2021


Click to Join WhatsApp Group {G.K} #1 {G.K} #2 {G.K} #3 {G.K} #4 {G.K} #5 {G.K} #6 {G.K} #7 {G.K} #8 {G.K} #9 {G.K} #10 {G.K} #11 {G.K} #12 {G.K} #13 {G.K} #14 {G.K} #15 {G.K} #16 {G.K} #17 {G.K} #18 {G.K} #19 {G.K} #20 {G.K} #21

Separate Group for Females Aspirants

If you are a female and don’t/can’t join public groups due to some reasons and privacy. You can join female groups by sending your VOICE introductions i.e

  • Your Name
  • Qualifications
  • City
  • Year to appear for CSS Exam

Whatsapp your Introduction

  We will add you to a separate group designed for Females candidates.

Or feel free to contact us at our email address or Whatsapp.

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Due to the latest privacy updates, lots of our users are shifted to the Telegram app, for that reason we have also started providing our services in that app.
“` If you’re willing to join, here is the link. “`

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CSS WhatsApp link 20

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Whatsapp Group 12 for CSS and PMS MCQs

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Whatsapp Group 11 for CSS and PMS MCQs

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For all those who are going to appear in CE-2021.

Every year in the CSS exam many MCQs are copy-pasted from previous papers of the CSS exam. I’ve found a website that offers to take Online Quizzes in the exact CSS Past Papers MCQs of all compulsory subjects. The interesting thing is that 2020 papers are also included on this CSS MCQs website. I have tried but found these paper MCQz nowhere. So,
Are_you_ready to get 20/20 marks?

If yes, let’s try here

Online Quiz

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