ETEA Assistant 16bps solved Mcqs of Past Papers ( DC office Bannu)

Here, you will find Today (13-03-2021) ETEA Assistant 16bps solved Mcqs of Past Papers ( DC office Bannu)

ETEA Assistant DC office Solved MCQs

(PS, GK and islamyat mcqs are posted, remaining will be updated..)
1. Ambassador of hindu-muslim unity..Quaid azam
2.. President of 1930 meeting.. Alama iqbal
3.. Sir syed started Which movement.. Aligarh movement
4.. Allama iqbal gave an idea of… seperat homeland
5. Alama iqbal was appointed professor of… in oriantel college… Arabic
6.. Current chief justice of pak… Gulzar
7..Idalogy of Pakistan means.. seperate homeland for muslims
8..pakistan declared 2019 as year of…. anti terrorism or anti corruption???
9..Which Airways started flight operation to Pakistan after a decade? British airlines
10. Pakistani criciter retired in 2020.. Amir
11.. Which provinces were seperated in 1947… Panjab and bangal
12.. Sir syed gave the answer of … hindu propaganda
13.. the land of 5 rivers… panjab
14… Nehru report kay baad Hindu-muslims ka itahad na mumkin dekaye dya.
15.. Peace pipeline…..Iran-Pakistan


1.. umat ko aik Qirat per jama kya.. hazrat usman
2.. Nabowat sy pehly Hazrat Muhammed ghar hira may masroof rehty.. Ibat ilahi
3.. Hazrat usman ka talaq ta ….banu umaya..
4..Bani israil ka akhri nabi.. Hazrat Isa AS
5..Ghazwa handak may konsa qabila Kufar sy mila tha… Banu Qariza
6.. um-ulmomanin ka zikar kis surah may aya hay…. Surah Ahzab
7.. zulm azim hay…. shirk
8.. Masaraf zakat…8
9… Nizam tabah hota hay.. zulm sy

1.. biggest supplier of weapons.. USA
2.. US Secratery of state 2020. Mike pompio
3..non permanent member of security council 2021…India
4. FIFA world cup 2018 winner..France
5. US stopped funding in 2020 to..WHO
6.. Military took the charge of govt, recently.. Mayanmar
7..Arab- Israel relationship..Abraham Accord peace agreement
8.. .. world’s polluted city… Lahore
9..% of trade through sea routes..80
10 % of people living in cities…36.4
11.. most populous city of the world.. Tokyo

1.close all window… ctrl+w
2.. ctrl+=…… subscript
3.. Dos is….. command orianted
4.. Minimum numbers of rows and columns in word doc…… 1 and 1
5.. Application software….. MS word
6.. which is not a type of page margin… Center
7.. kb=kilo bytes

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