Election officer 2021 Exam Past paper MCQs

Here, you can study Election officer 2021 Exam Past paper Mcqs. These the mcqs of Today (07-03-2021) election officer original paper Mcqs.

Election officer 2021 Exam Past  paper MCQs
Election officer 2021 Exam Past paper MCQs

Election officer MCQs

world environmental day plastic is made from
” iron curtain ” was coined by
role of organism in a habitat is called
ECNEC stands for
COVID-19 stands for
largest landlocked
AIML seats in 1945-46
Mahatma Title was given by
Ridda Wars were fought by which caliph?
“Medieval India under Muhammedan Rule (712-1764)” written by
Babar was born where
Fatimid Caliphate started in which country
share of husband from wife’s property in presence of children
lipid is an umbrella term which includes
Mangrove Swamps
Power house of the cell
Antonio Gutteress belongs to
fat soluble vitamin
most deadly source of indoor pollution in developed countries
A person who hates learning and knowledge us called
A dark grey cloud that brings rain is called
clouds are made up of water droplets or ice crystals having the size of
Zaboor book on which?
Miraj in which hijri
Iron curtain which personality
Nimbus cloud
Water soluble vitamin

curb, erratic, obstinate, adroit, contemptuous, a bone to pick , boisterous, antidote

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