What is the name of the first Kalima in Islam:

A. Kalima Shahadat

B. Kalima Tayyabah

C. Kalima Tamjeed

D. None of these

Labour Officer-16


First Kalimah = Kalimah Tayyabah (Word of Purity – Paak)
Second Kalimah = Kalimah Shahadat (Word of Evidence – Gubaya)
Third Kalimah = Kalimah Tamjeed (Word of Majesty – Bazorgee)
Fourth Kalimah = Kalimah Tawheed (Word of Oneness – Akila)
Fifth Kalimah = Kalimah Istighfar (Word of Penitence – Tawba Karnaa)
Sixth Kalimah = Kalimah Radde Kufr (Word of Rejection of Disbelief – Kufr Se Inkaar Karnaa)

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