To drive home “idioms” means?

A. To emphasize an important point about something
B. To take someone into home
C. To transfer home to somewhere
D. To park and drive the car into a home

To drive home (idiom) –

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When you want to make an important point, you go out of your way to explain to someone what you are trying to convey.

The idiom ‘to drive home’ means to emphasize an important point about something to someone.

You state it in a very forceful and effective way so it is well delivered to the other end. You take all the efforts to make your point crystal clear.

If needed, you repeat it several times to make sure people understand it.
For example, when a child is spending too much time on watching television, his mother tries to make him understand the importance of studying sincerely. With a cool mind, she has a word with him to drive home the importance of his studies.
In this idiom, ‘drive’ is a verb. Its past is drove and past participle is driven.

Example 01 : While explaining the world map, the teacher used a globe to make things clear and drive home the lesson.

Example 02 : The coach held a meeting with the team just before the match, to drive home the importance of team spirit.

Example 03 : On being questioned about sales, Marc got nervous and couldn’t drive home the reasons for his poor performance.

Example 04 : The salesman tried his best to drive home the new features of the car to the prospective buyers.

Example 05 : Ronan regretted being a chain smoker after the doctor drove home the bad condition of his lungs.
Example 06 : December 1st is observed as World Aids Day to drive home the importance of safe sex to people.

Example 07 : The couple ignored when their Mother tried to drive home the importance of keeping their marriage intact.

Example 08 : The hoarding intends driving home the launch of the new eyewear collection.

Example 09: While training the new joinees, past performances of the older employees were presented to drive home the efficiency levels.

Are you successful in driving home your views to others?

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