Someone’s mom has 4 sons named north, west, south. Then what might be the name of the fourth one.

A. North

B. South

C. West

D. East

E. None of these

Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons

The name of the fourth son is Someone.

E. None of these (Someone)

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In the description of the question, it says as someone’s mom indicates the name of a person.
Someone may be a person whose mother contains a total of 4 sons.
Names of three sons out of 4 sons are South, West, and North.
Here, a person will first think that it should be a reputation of the fourth direction i.e. East.
However, we should always read a question carefully and more than two times to understand what is in the question and what is to be solved out in the same question.
In the question itself mentioned the name of the fourth son that’s Someone.


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