Solved CSS Islamiat Paper 2021 MCQs

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Solved CSS islamiat paper 2021 mcqs

1. Name of the mother of Prophet’s (PBUH) son Hazrat Ibrahim bin Muhammad (RA) is:

A. Malia al-Qibtiyya (RA)*

B. Zainab (RA)

C. Ruqayya (RA)

D. Khadija (RA)

2. Prophet (PBUH) ordered the invasion of the tribe

A. Banu Qurayza*

B. Banu Qinqa

C. Banu Nazeer

D. None of these

3. Hajj e Akbar is the ________

A. Vast hajj

B. The annual hajj*

C. First hajj

D. Maqbool hajj

4. The act of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) termed as Fatah-e-Mubeen was

A. Fatah Yasrab

B. Fatah Makkah

C. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

D. The Treat of khubyer

5. Name of the foster sister of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

A. Hazrat Mua’zma

B. Hazrat swma (RA)*

C. Hazrat Naima

D. None of these

6. The ghazwa in which Muslims camped on a high mound was

A. Ghazwa-e-Badr

B. Ghazwa-e-khyber

C. Ghazwa-e-khandaq

D. Ghazwa-e-Uhad*

7. In Ghazwa Hunain, Muslims fought against which tribe

A. Banu Hawazin*

B. Banu Yasrab

C. Banu Quraish

D. Banu Nazeer

8. The Sahabi who served the Holy Prophet (SAW) for 10 years was

A. Hazrat Zaid Bin Sabit (RA)

B. Hazrat Anas Bin Malik (RA)*

C. Hazrat Abu Hurera (RA)

D. None of these

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9. Ijma is one place followed by people of the place is called

A. Ijma wasali

B. Ijma khalqi

C. Ijma Fasali*

D. None of these

10. Preferring one qiyas over another is called

A. Muhsin

B. Istihsan*

C. Ihtimam

D. None of these

11. The Surah in which the IFK incident of Hazrat Aisa (RA) was mentioned in

A. Surah Noor*

B. Surah Kausar

C. Surah Fatah

D. Surah Al-ikhlas

12. In which Surah of the Holy Quran HAQ MAHAR is mentioned?

A. Surah Baqarah

B. Surah Touba

C. Surah Al-Nas

D. Surah Nisa*

13. The prayer offered at the time of shortage of rains is:

A. Salat-e-lstisqa*

B. Salat-e-Khouf

C. Salat-e-Iatikhara

D. Salat-e-Shukr

14. If a woman has no children, the share in her wealth, her husband is entitled to be:

A. One fourth

B. One half*

C. One sixth

D. One eighth

15. Hijri year started from the reign of

A. Hazrat Abu-Bakar (RA)

B. Hazrat Umar (RA)*

C. Hazrat Usman (RA)

D. Hazrat Ali (RA)

16. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) paid zakat in his lifetime:

A. Twice

B. Thrice

C. Once

D. Never*

17, The Christian pilgrims who were allowed by the Prophet (PDUH) to stay in the Masjid-e Nabawi, were coming from

A. Najran *

B. Riyadh

C. Taef

D. None of these

18. The Master of Bilal (RA) was which person

A. Umayya bin Khalf*

B. Ummaya bin Aatif

C. Abu Takiq

D. Abu Jehal

19. Khilafat-o-Malookiat was written by

A. Dr. Abdul Qasim Majreeti

B. Allama Iqbal

C. Abul A’la Maududi*

D. Shah Waliullah

20. Zabur was revealed on which of the following prophet?

A. Prophet Muhammad (AS)

B. Prophet Dawood (AS)*

C. Prophet Musa (AS)

D. Prophet Esa (AS)

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