On which tribe Zakat is prohibited?

A. Banu Lahyan

B. Banu Hashim

C. Banu Taif

D. Banu Qaynuqa  


Tribe On which Zakat is prohibited is Banu Hashim

Banu Hashim is a tribe on which Zakar is prohibited because there is some limitations where Zakat cannot be given. As Banu Hashim is the family tribe of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, therefore, Zakat is prohibited to be given to Banu Hashim.

Zakat cannot be given to:

  • 1. The rich
  • 2. The strong and able poor e.g. those capable but not willing to work
  • 3. The heretic, apostate, those disbelievers actively fighting Islam
  • 4. The family of the Prophet (peace be upon him) – The names of the Prophet’s tribes are Banū Hāshim and Banū Muṭṭalib
  • 5. Lineal descendants i.e. children and grandchildren
  • 6. Lineal ascendants i.e. parents and grandparents

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