Federal Investigation Agency FIA was established in which year?

A. 1971

B. 1973

C.  1975

D. None of them


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was established in 1975.

When was the FIA founded?

A Federally controlled Police Establishment, first came into existence in 1942 during the Second World War to take up investigation of corruption, rampant in the Supplies and Procurement Department of the then Government of India. It was named as Special Police Establishment. After the Independence in 1947, it was named as Pakistan Special Police Establishment (PSPE). The requirements of Federal Government regarding investigations of criminal offences kept on increasing and Mr. G. Ahmad in his report on “Police Reforms”, submitted to the Cabinet on 07-04-1972, recommended establishment of a Federal Police Organization to deal with Smuggling, Narcotics, Currency offences, Enforcement of Laws relating to Foreigners, Immigration & Passports and offences having inter-provincial ramification. Consequently, the FIA Act, 1974 (Act-VIII of 1975) was promulgated on 13-01-1975, bringing Federal Investigation Agency into existence.

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