CSS Vocabulary MCQs Session 143/150


> Dogmatic تعصب, خود رائے, پر تکبر
“she was not tempted to be dogmatic about what she believed”

> REVIVIFICATION نیا زور پیدا کرنا
they plead for a revivification of local life

> Precedence مقدم ہونا, مثال. نمونہ
“his desire for power soon took precedence over any other

> Doyen (the most respected or prominent person in a particular field)
“IK has become the doyen of British politics”

> Obviated ( to remove)
The new treatment obviates many of the risks associated with surgery.

> Aggrandize مرتبہ کا رتبہ بڑھانا, زیادہ کرنا
“he hoped to aggrandize himself by dying a hero’s death”

> Pertinent ( relevant to a particular matter; apposite)
“she asked me a lot of very pertinent questions”

> Diminution ( a reduction in the size, extent, or importance)
“a permanent diminution in value”

> Vital absolutely necessary; essential, Full of energy
“secrecy is of vital importance”
“a beautiful, vital girl”

> Enact (put into practice)
“legislation was enacted to attract international companies”

Saif Ullah Rumi
( M.Phil Political Science, B.Ed)

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